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Yemen Day of Rage

Photo Courtesy - GAMAL NOMAN/AFP/Getty Images(SANAA, Yemen) -- Thousands in the capitol of Yemen are demonstrating against what they call the corrupt and ineffective government of President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

An estimated 20,000 protestors have taken to the streets of Sanaa in what the opposition is calling a day of rage.  They are demanding a change in government and say President Ali Abdullah Salah's offer Wednesday to leave office in 2013 is not good enough.  Some clearly want him to step down sooner while others support entering talks on political reform.  But these protestors are not the only ones on the streets.  Thousands of Salah's supporters have come out to march and defend the president. 

But, unlike in Cairo where violence has erupted between pro and anti-government demonstrators, in Yemen no clashes have broken out between the two groups.

President Salah has ruled Yemen for over 30 years, but announced he'll step down in two years and that he won't put his son in power to succeed him.  He made those political concessions after protestors, inspired by events first in Tunisia and then in Egypt, demanded government reform and called for his ouster.  Salah has come under fierce public criticism for failing to fix staggeringly high poverty and unemployment rates and for failing to democratize. 

One of out of three Yemenis faces chronic hunger, while unemployment tops 40 percent and another 40 percent of Yemenis live on less than two dollars a day.  

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