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Clinton Urges House Dems to Vote in Favor of Libya Operations Funding

U.S. State Department(WASHINGTON) -- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met behind closed doors with members of the House Democratic Caucus at their request Thursday afternoon, a senior State Department official tells ABC News.
The subject? Libya and an upcoming vote to block funding for the American operations there. Clinton, of course, wants them to vote against it.
“She made the case that with [Gadhafi] on the ropes, the Libyan opposition gaining politically and militarily, now is not the time to change course. Our NATO Allies, regional states, the UNSC and Arab league are unified in standing up to [Gadhafi’s] brutal regime, and we must not break faith with them.  She also made the case that we need to stand by the Libyan people during this difficult period and see the mission through.  She said our game plan is on track, we are executing it, and it is having results.  Day by day our collective effort is bringing us closer to ultimate goal of post-Gadhafi Libya,” the official wrote in an email Thursday.
A group of House Democrats are also questioning the constitutionality of U.S. strikes against Gadhafi’s forces.
“The secretary was there to make the case on behalf of the administration on why they want to continue to the war,” Rep Dennis Kucinich told The New York Times after the meeting. “She was emphatic and detailed, but I didn’t hear anything that would change anyone’s position pro or con.”
Clinton met with the members following her appearance before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Thursday morning.
“She also pointed out that withdrawing from the mission at this critical juncture would have a real impact both within Libya and in the region as a whole, sending a message that would demoralize Arab democrats and embolden autocrats,” the State Department official said.

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