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Lawyers Hope to Win Release of CIA Operative from Pakistanis

Arif Ali/AFP/Getty Images(LAHORE, Pakistan) -- Two U.S. attorneys will defend Raymond Davis, the CIA contractor under arrest in Lahore, Pakistan for the shooting deaths of two men last January.

Last week, a court in Lahore rejected claims that Davis can't be tried because he worked in the U.S. Embassy and was therefore entitled to diplomatic immunity.

Davis has told Pakistani authorities that he shot the men in self-defense, alleging they were trying to rob him.  The Pakistanis are seen as bowing to immense public pressure to put Davis on trial.

The American lawyers, who arrived in Lahore Saturday, are also expected to meet with the families of the two slain men, who are believed to have worked for Pakistan's ultra-secret spy agency.

It's expected that the lawyers will offer to pay compensation to the families, which is traditional under Islamic law.

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Pakistani Judge Rules Raymond Davis Doesn't Have Diplomatic Immunity

Photo Courtesy - Arif Ali/AFP/Getty Images(LAHORE, Pakistan) -- A legal bombshell in Pakistan, as a judge decided Thursday that American CIA contractor Raymond Davis does not have diplomatic immunity. The judge held off, for now, on charging him for shooting and killing two Pakistani men. Davis claims the gun-toting men were attempting to rob him after he took out money from an ATM.

The Pakistani judge handed down the decision inside the high security prison in Lahore where Davis is being held.  The judge said Davis has failed to prove he has diplomatic immunity and so could be charged with murder as soon as next week.

President Obama has stated Davis does in fact have the immunity afforded to foriegn diplomats and other employees working in embassies and in other capacities in nearly every country in the world, and as such must be freed.

The U.S. can appeal the ruling, but Thursday's decision will continue to inflame the U.S.-Pakistan relationship, which has dropped to the lowest level since 9/11 because of Davis' continued incarceration.

The next court hearing is set for March 8.

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Pakistan Court Adjourns Raymond Davis' Immunity Case

Photo Courtesy - Arif Ali/AFP/Getty Images(LAHORE, Pakistan) -- The decision on whether Raymond Davis, the U.S. government official accused of killing two Pakistani men in Lahore last month, will receive diplomatic immunity will have to wait another three weeks.

Deputy Attorney General Naveed Inayat Malik, representing Pakistan's government, asked Lahore High Court Chief Justice Ijaz Ahmad Chaudhry for the extension Thursday in order to prepare their case on whether Davis qualifies for immunity.  Chaudhry granted the extra time, saying the case is premature until the government can establish Davis' status.

The case is now adjourned until March 14.

At Thursday's hearing, a number of lawyers argued that the name Raymond Allen Davis is an alias and that his passport has been issued under a false name.  They prayed before the court that, therefore, his picture should be placed on record and that Davis should be placed on the Exit Control List, which prohibits him from leaving the country.

The lawyers asked why an espionage case had not been registered against Davis, and also prayed for additional cases to be filed, including a case against Davis for illegally entering Pakistan.

They also argued that former Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, who recently met with Sen. John Kerry, should also be summoned to the court.  Qureshi had stated that Davis does not enjoy immunity and is willing to appear before the court in this regard.
One of the emotionally charged lawyers argued that Davis has access to alcohol, a cell phone, a television and other things of pleasure, and said these commodities should be stopped immediately and that Davis should be treated like an ordinary prisoner.

Davis is now in a judicial lock up in Lahore.  He has been placed on the Exit Control List, the judge confirmed.

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