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Egypt Museum Official: Looters Looked Like Raiders of the Lost Ark

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(CAIRO) -- Antiquities officials have done a full inventory of the Egyptian Museum, which was hit during anti-government protests on January 28. Antiquities Minister Zahi Hawass says looters escaped with several items, including two gilded wooden statues of Tutankhamen and approximately 16 other valuable artifacts.

“They broke the windows and they come with ropes,” he said, “about 15 feet down and they entered the museum.”

“Those people looking like Raiders of the Lost Ark,” Hawass said. “Treasure hunters. People who have nothing in their mind except gold, gold, gold!”

Hawass says about 70 artifacts were damaged by looters who he believes were looking for a red material from the throats of mummies that Egyptian legend says can provide supernatural powers.

“That, they believe, if you have it, you can bring the djinn and the devils back and you can rule the world,” Hawass said.

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