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Australian Zoo Keeper Stable After Elephant Attack

Jupiterimages/ -- An Australian zoo keeper is in critical but stable condition after she was crushed by a three-ton elephant during a training exercise.

The elephant, known as “Mr. Shuffles,” challenged veteran zoo keeper Lucy Melo, 40, on Friday at the Taronga Park Zoo in Sydney.

“The elephant pinned her up against one of the fence poles…and [colleagues] came in, moved the elephant away and called the ambulance immediately,” said zoo director Cameron Kerr.

When paramedics arrived, Melo was able to speak and briefly asked what happened before she went into cardiac arrest, said ambulance service spokesperson Andrew Wood.

The zoo keeper, who is a nine-year veteran of the park, is recovering at the Royal North Shore Hospital.

On Saturday, Mr. Shuffles and the elephant herd were described as calm and well.  Zoo officials said they would resume usual activities.

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