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Notorious French Criminal Escapes from Prison

Kevin Horan/Stone(LILLE, France) -- French police are searching for a notorious armed robber who escaped from prison on Saturday morning.

According to BBC News, Redoine Faid used dynamite and took four prison guards hostage before breaking out of Sequedin prison.

Faid was locked up in 1998 after being convicted of a series of armed robberies, but was released on parole in 2009. After his release, Faid published a book about how he grew into a life of crime. Faid was taken back to jail in 2011 for a violation of his parole.

Faid may have received the explosives from his wife on Saturday morning when she visited him at the prison, according to BBC News. After his escape in a getaway car, Faid burned the car and took another vehicle.

Officials are still investigating the escape. Faid is considered armed and dangerous.

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Giraffe Dies of Cardiac Arrest After Escaping from Circus

Barcroft Media /Landov(IMOLA, Italy) -- A giraffe shocked townspeople in Italy Friday when it sprang free from a local circus and ran through the streets for four hours.  Police managed to tranquilize it, but it died shortly after of cardiac arrest.

The giraffe escaped from the Rinaldo Orfei circus in Imola, Italy, the BBC reported.  Police chased the 16-foot, 2,000-pound giraffe as it galloped through the streets during rush hour, scaring passersby and damaging vehicles with its hooves.

Photos show police chasing the giraffe down a highway and a group of people desperately trying to push the giraffe into a cage using a ladder.

Two giraffes died at a zoo in Lodz, Poland in May after vandals broke in and threw benches and other debris into the animal cages, the BBC reported. One giraffe died of a heart attack shortly after the break-in and the other was found dead the next day from stress.

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Father 'Proud' of Teen Son Who Escaped Captors in the Philippines

STR/AFP/Getty Images(LYNCHBURG, Va.) -- An American teenage boy outsmarted the members of a suspected al Qaeda-linked militant group, escaping after five months of being held hostage in a jungle in the Philippines.

Kevin Lunsmann, 14, was lost for nearly two days, roaming without shoes, before he was found by villagers, his father said.

ABC News affiliate WSET-TV in Virginia spoke to the boy's father, Heiko Lunsmann, who said he's so happy he's getting his son back.

"I'm so proud of my son, he's a hero, he wandered two days through the jungle," Heiko Lunsmann said.

"That was a tough time, it was tough five months," he said.  "I only know he is a hero and I'm so happy he escaped."

When Kevin Lunsmann spoke to his father for the first time, the boy proudly said, "I did it on my own, Dad, they didn't release me, I did it," family friend Jean Gowen told ABC News.

Kevin Lunsmann said he convinced his four armed captors that he was going to take a bath at a nearby stream, but then he decided to make a run for it.  He followed a river down a mountain in Basilan province before being found with bruises on his arms and feet late the next day by villagers.

This past summer, the boy was vacationing in the Philippines with his Filipino-American mother, Gerfa Yeatts Lunsmann, and his cousin Romnick Jakaria.  On July 12, the relatives were on an island near Zamboanga City when they were snatched and taken by boat to Basilan.  The captors then called the family in Campbell County, Va., to demand a ransom.

Gowen said Heiko Lunsmann paid an undisclosed ransom amount intended for the release of the boy and his mother two months ago, but only the mother was released.

"The deal was for them to release both Kevin and Gerfa at the time, but they only released one of them," Gowen said.  "I think they wanted more money."

The mother was freed when captors dropped her off at a wharf on Basilan.  Lunsmann's cousin also escaped from hostage holders last month, when Filipino army forces managed to get near the camp where they were held.

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