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Parents Take Legal Action to Evict Adult Son

Photodisc/Thinkstock(VENICE, Italy) -- Call it an Italian version of “failure to launch” syndrome -- a couple in Venice has had enough of their 41-year-old son, who refuses to move out for their house. They are seeking legal help to persuade him to get out, according to BBC News.

“We cannot do it anymore,” the man’s father was quoted as saying, his attorney Andrea Camp told the BBC. “He demands that his clothes be washed and ironed and his meals prepared. He really has no intention of leaving.”

For help, the unnamed Italian turned to Adico, a consumer association that has worked with similar cases. Earlier this month, the company persuaded another son to leave home. After he left, his parents changed the locks on the house.

It is not uncommon in Italy for grown children to continue living with their parents, especially during difficult economic times. But this couple say that’s not the case with their son, who they say has a high-paying job that could afford him independence. He simply refuses to leave the nest.

“My wife is suffering from stress and has to be hospitalized,” the father told the BBC. “[My son] has a good job but still lives at home.”

The son has received a letter informing him that he has six days to leave the house before his parents take further legal action. If he refuses, the lawyers will seek the equivalent of a restraining order against him for his parents.

It looks like this Italian “bamboccioni,” or “big baby,” will soon be paging through the classifieds for a new place to stay.

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