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Iran Executes Two Men Accused of Spying for United States and Israel

Hemera/Thinkstock(TEHRAN, Iran) – Iran executed two men they had convicted of spying for the Unites States and Israel, according to Iran State Radio.

The radio report said one of the men hanged was Mohammad Heidari, convicted of providing the Israeli intelligence service Mossad with classified information. The second man was Kourosh Ahmadi, who was alleged to have given the CIA intelligence on Iran.

Iran has long accused Israel and the United States of spying on its nuclear program.

It’s not known when the two men were arrested and tried, but they were hanged at dawn Sunday, according to BBC News.

The execution comes only a few months after the Iran Supreme Court overturned Amir Mirzai Hekmati’s death sentence. Hekmati, an Iranian-American national, is accused of spying for the CIA and was arrested in August of 2011 while visiting family in Iran.

Hekmati and the United States government deny Iran’s spying allegations, and numerous groups are working to secure his release.

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China TV Kills Live Execution Plans at Last Minute

ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images(BEIJING) -- China’s state-run broadcaster, CCTV, made a grisly announcement this week.  It planned to live broadcast the execution of a Burmese drug lord and three of his henchmen for massacring 13 Chinese crewmen aboard a ship on the Mekong River.

The murders had enraged China and the broadcast was initially greeted enthusiastically.  The two-hour show, which aired on Friday, had all the elements of a sweeps week production, but as the program neared its close, the station abruptly changed plans and did not show the execution.

CCTV did not say why it altered its programming, but while the show was running, China News Week started a poll on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter.  It asked whether people thought the live broadcast was right or wrong.

Initially, the majority of people supported it.  But as the program began, that balance shifted until the firm majority were against CCTV’s decision.  Within two hours of the execution, the poll was no longer accessible.

Chinese media identified the executed men as Naw Kham, a notorious drug lord who operated in the Golden Triangle area, along with Hsang Kham, Yi Lai and Zha Xika.

In October 2011, the group ambushed a Chinese cargo ship and killed 13 crew members.  Kham was known to be the leader of the group. There was widespread fury in China and Chinese authorities launched a manhunt for his capture.

The South China Morning Post reported the Chinese government even considered sending an attack drone into Myanmar air space to locate Kham.

This week, CCTV announced the two-hour special that would feature live reports from the location where the men would be killed by lethal injection in Kumming, Yunnan Province.  Initial reaction in China to the announcement was mixed.

As the show began at 1:30 p.m., a CCTV anchor, the police chief from Yunnan Province and a professor from Renmin University discussed the crime at length.

Viewers saw each man brought out of prison escorted by four armed guards.  They were met with a large number of jostling photographers and cameramen from national media organizations.  Their handcuffs were removed and their hands were bound behind them with rope.  

The last viewers saw of the prisoners was them being loaded on to separate vehicles headed for the site of the execution.

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Taliban Execution Sparks Outrage from US, Afghanistan

ABC News(KABUL, Afghanistan) -- U.S. and Afghan officials have expressed outrage after video surfaced of Taliban fighters executing a woman accused of adultery.

The video, apparently shot on a cellphone in a village less than an hour drive from Kabul, the country's capital, underscores the delicate state of the U.S. mission in Afghanistan, and the ability of the Taliban to dictate the law so close to the country's capital.

"This cold-blooded murder, carried out in front of a crowd and recorded on video, is an unambiguous reminder to the Afghan people and the international community of the brutality of the Taliban," the U.S. Embassy in Kabul said in a statement.

The video begins with a militant invoking words in Arabic. In the background, a young woman covered in a burqa robe from head to toe can be seen squatting on a patch of mud.

She does not say a word.

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As the camera pans around, a hundred or so militants can be seen. Many of them are armed, some smiling, as what appears to be a Taliban judge reads out the verdict.

"Allah warns us not to get close to adultery because it's the wrong way," one man is heard saying on the tape.

"It's the command of Allah that she be executed," another says.

An automatic rifle is then handed to one of the militants. He approaches the woman and fires nine shots, each one of them from close range, as the crowd erupts in a series of cheers. Many of them chant, "God is great" and "Long live the Mujahideen," as the woman topples over.

She does not move.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai ordered security forces today to apprehend the militants seen on the video.

In statement issued by his press office, he referred to the militants in the video as "cowards," adding that "such crimes are unforgivable both in Islam and under our country's laws."

Afghan officials believe the woman was targeted because two Taliban commanders had a dispute over her, according to the local governor, Abdul Basir Salangi. Both were apparently caught in some sort of inappropriate relationship with her, and to save face, they accused her of adultery. They apparently set up a militant court where they tried, convicted and executed her within an hour.

The episode is reminiscent of the days when the Taliban ruled the country and public executions, particularly for so-called "moral crimes" like adultery, were commonplace.

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Iran Hangs ‘Israeli Spy’ for Nuclear Scientist Assassination: Reports

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(WASHINGTON) -- The man convicted of assassinating an Iranian nuclear scientist on behalf of the Israeli spy agency Mossad has been executed by hanging in an Iranian prison, Iranian state media reported Tuesday.

The Iranian government claims Majid Jamali Fashi, 24, was recruited and trained by Mossad to be a spy and was paid $120,000 to kill Iranian nuclear physicist Massoud Ali-Mohammadi in January 2010. Mohammadi died after a motorcycle packed with explosives was detonated by remote control as he walked past. Fashi also confessed to receiving forged travel documents in Azerbaijan to travel to Israel, Iran’s Press TV reported.

In January 2011, Iranian media broadcast Fashi’s confession in which he said he “received different training courses, including chasing, running, counter-chasing and techniques for planting bombs in a car” while in Tel Aviv, according to Iran’s Fars News.

The Iranian government has in the past claimed that Israel, the U.S. and the U.K. intelligence agencies are to blame for the recent assassinations of as many as five Iranian scientists involved in the country’s controversial nuclear or missile programs since 2007. American and British officials have strongly denied the accusations — a White House spokesperson called them “absurd” in the wake of Mohammadi’s death. Also, the Israeli government has offered no official public comment.

Iranian media previously reported the government had arrested a number of individuals in connection with the deaths of the nuclear scientists.

In November 2011, the Iranian government accused the head of the United Nation’s nuclear regulatory agency of endangering Iranian nuclear scientists by publishing their names in open reports.

“The release of the names of the Iranian scientists by the agency has made them targets for assassination by terrorist groups as well as the Israeli regime and the U.S. intelligence services,” said Iranian envoy Ali Asghar Soltanieh in a letter to Yukiya Amano, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Following the deaths of the Iranian scientists, Israeli officials suspected Iran to be behind a series of bombings and attempted bombings on Israeli targets from the nation of Georgia to Thailand. In the case of an explosion that wounded five people in Bangkok, Thailand, three Iranians were arrested.

At the time, an Iranian official condemned the Bangkok blast and told Iran’s Press TV that Israeli agents are often behind such attacks.

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Egyptian Prosecutors Call for Hosni Mubarak's Execution

AFP/Getty Images(CAIRO, Egypt) -- Prosecutors in Egypt are seeking the death penalty in the trial for ousted Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak.  In their closing arguments, lawyers against the former president said Mubarak, as the erstwhile leader of security forces, should be held responsible for the deaths of hundreds of citizens who protested his authority, The New York Times reports.

"He is responsible for what happened and must bear the legal and political responsibility for what happened," Mustafa Suleiman, the lead prosecutor, said, according to media reports.  Suleiman added that one would be "irrational" and "illogical" to believe that Mubarak had no knowledge protesters were targeted by security forces.

Defense attorneys for Mubarak, who is charged with conspiring to kill protesters in an attempt to retain power, are expected to deliver their closing arguments as early as next week.  A panel of judges may give their decision before the Jan. 25 anniversary of the protests that forced Mubarak out of office, according to the Times.

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Canada: 100 Sled Dogs Brutally Murdered, Dumped In Grave

File photo. Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(WHISTLER, Canada) -- Canadian police are investigating the execution of 100 sled dogs that were reportedly shot and stabbed, then dumped into a mass grave in British Columbia.

Authorities say an employee from Whistler-based Outdoor Adventures killed the dogs last spring, then filed a claim with British Columbia’s Workers’ Compensation Board, citing a case of post-traumatic stress.

The killings came to light after the results of the claim were made public.

The Toronto Sun, which obtained a copy of the report, says the worker was ordered to kill a third of the company’s dogs as a result of a downturn in business.

The employee executed the animals over a two-day period, because, according to the report obtained by the Sun, the worker’s job “included herd control.”

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