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Which Nation Is Most Likely to Sunbathe Nude?

Stockbyte/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- It’s not the one you might expect. Expedia’s summer travel survey posed the question on nude sunbathing to 8,600 people around the world and found that only two percent of Americans were likely to shed their clothing on the beach -- no big surprise there. The Brits also came in at two percent, as did New Zealanders and Argentineans.  Only the Japanese were less likely than Americans to sunbathe nude.

Germans, on the other hand, were far more likely to take it all off.  At 15 percent, they’re the most likely of all the 21 nations surveyed to bare it all.

The French, although still in the top quarter, were far more modest than one might guess, given the tradition of topless sunbathing on the Riveria. But only five percent said they took it all off on the beach.

Here are the tallies:

  • Germany: 15 percent
  • India: 8 percent
  • Spain: 8 percent
  • France: 5 percent
  • Italy: 5 percent
  • Sweden: 6 percent
  • Denmark: 6 percent
  • Australia: 5 percent
  • Canada: 5 percent
  • Singapore: 5 percent
  • Mexico: 6 percent
  • Netherlands: 6 percent
  • Brazil: 5 percent
  • Ireland: 4 percent
  • South Korea: 4 percent
  • Norway: 3 percent
  • Argentina: 2 percent
  • New Zealand: 2 percent
  • United States: 2 percent
  • United Kingdom: 2 percent
  • Japan: 1 percent

The survey also found that Americans spend 40 percent of their allotted vacation days at the beach. Turns out we’d rather be at the beach (26 percent) than doing pretty much anything else, including visiting family (22 percent.

And what about those naked Germans? Turns out their love of the beach surpasses that of any other country. They must have a tricks for keeping sand out of places it doesn’t belong.

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