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Police Seek Two More Suspects in Bangkok Explosions

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(BANGKOK) -- Police in Thailand are on the lookout for two more suspects following a series of explosions that rattled a residential area in Bangkok earlier this week.

Three Iranian men were detained after a bomb in their rented house apparently detonated accidentally on Tuesday.  The men then fled and were ultimately caught by police.

Thai authorities say the men planned to target Israeli diplomats with explosives that could be attached to vehicles.

Israel has also linked the Iranians to recent attacks against Israeli diplomatic staff in India and the country of Georgia.  Iran has denied the allegations.

On Friday, Thai police said one of the two new suspects may be an explosives expert who was training the men. The other suspect is thought to have rented the home the men were using.

Meanwhile, local media in Bangkok Friday ran a photo of the three Iranian men allegedly socializing with what police say were prostitutes. The photo was taken in the nearby beach resort city of Pattaya before the men came to Bangkok.

The photo shows the Iranian men sitting around a restaurant table with two Thai women. Hookah water pipes and a beer bottle can be seen on the table. 

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Third Iranian Detained in Connection to Bangkok Explosions

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(BANGKOK) -- Two Iranian men were caught in Bangkok on Tuesday after a series of explosions rattled a residential area there.  And now, another suspect has been detained.

According to officials, a third Iranian who had fled to neighboring Malaysia was caught on Wednesday.  Thai police say the Iranians were probably planning to attack individuals, rather than buildings or crowds.  A senior Thai intelligence official, speaking anonymously to global news agency AFP, said the men were preparing to target Israeli diplomats.

Israel has also linked the Iranians to recent attacks against Israeli diplomatic staff in India and the country of Georgia.  Iran, however, denies any involvement.

On Tuesday, an apparently accidental explosion tore through a home where the Iranians were living.  Two men were caught in the aftermath, and another reportedly tried to lob a grenade at police, but it exploded nearby, severing his legs.

Police searched the men's home and say they found C-4 explosives that could be attached to vehicles.

Meanwhile on Tuesday, the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok issued a warning to Americans to be alert in public and to watch out for unattended packages or bags.

A U.S. Embassy spokesperson told ABC News that the U.S. condemns the attack in Bangkok, but could not speculate on any possible connections to the attacks in India or Georgia.

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At Least Five Dead after Multiple Blasts in Bangkok

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(BANGKOK) -- A series of three explosions in Bangkok Tuesday injured five people, including one foreign man, according to local reports.

One explosion reportedly happened in a house in a bustling Bangkok neighborhood.  Local media said the second blast damaged a taxi, while the third injured the foreigner, who police say may be Iranian.  His legs were blown off reportedly by a grenade he was wielding.

Three Thai men and a Thai woman were also hurt in the explosions.

Last month, a Lebanese-Swedish man said to be affiliated with Hezbollah was caught by Thai police. He later led them to a large cache of urea fertilizer and liquid ammonium nitrate, which can be turned into a bomb similar to that which was used in the Oklahoma City bombing.

Also in January, the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok issued an alert saying American citizens should beware of potential terrorist threats, but Thai police said Thailand was not a terrorist target itself.

A spokesman at the American Embassy told ABC News Radio he could not yet comment on Tuesday's events.

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Second Bomb in Three Days from Italian Anarchists: Officials

FILIPPO MONTEFORTE/AFP/Getty Images(ROME) -- The director of a Rome office of Italy's national tax collection agency was wounded in the hands and eyes Friday after opening a letter bomb, Italian police said, in what may be the second of three threatened bomb attacks from Italian anarchists.

The explosion came two days after a letter bomb was discovered in the mail room of Deutsche Bank's Frankfurt headquarters, and event that led to tightened security at the bank's New York offices near Ground Zero.

An Italian anarchist group called the Federazione Anarchica Informale, or Informal Anarchist Federation, claimed credit for the Frankfurt device, according to German police. ABC News has learned that the letter bomb, which was discovered via mailroom X-ray and was addressed to company CEO Josef Ackerman, was mailed from Italy.

Law enforcement sources in Germany identified the device as a clothespin-initiated small bomb, containing just over an ounce of homemade high explosive, ABC has learned. Such devices, triggered when the envelope is opened, are designed to maim -- damaging hands and eyes in most instances. The Hesse State Police Bomb Squad rendered the bomb safe.

German state police said that in a note accompanying the bomb the group referred to "three explosions against banks, bankers, ticks and bloodsuckers."

The Italian tax office director injured in Friday's explosion was hospitalized but the extent of his injuries were not immediately known. A piece of propaganda from the Informal Anarchist Federation was reportedly found in the package.

Italy has stepped up its tax collection efforts as part of a 30 billion euro austerity package aimed at eliminating Italy's budget deficit by 2013.

The same anarchist group had claimed responsibility for a series of letter bombs sent to foreign embassies in Rome last December, seriously injuring two people.

In 2010, counterterror officials in Europe faced a two-day blizzard of parcel bombs believed linked to anarchists, during which at least 11 were found in Athens, one addressed to French president Nicolas Sarkozy, and others to the Athens embassies of Russia, Bulgaria, Germany, Switzerland, and Mexico. In Berlin, authorities destroyed a bomb addressed to Chancellor Angela Merkel. It had been sent from Greece.

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Explosions Rock India's Financial Capital Mumbai

ABC News(MUMBAI) -- Bombs rocked Mumbai and killed more than 20 people in jewelry and financial districts in the first major terror attack since Islamist gunmen from Pakistan killed 175 in a multi-day attack in November 2008.

Indian officials said the blasts had killed 21 people and wounded more than 100, and that the toll was expected to rise. The Indian government did not assign blame for Wednesday's attack. It has blamed the Pakistani-based militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba for the 2008 Mumbai attack -- for which the Indian government says there was Pakistani support.

The Pakistani government was quick to issue a statement condemning Wednesday's attack.

A bomb exploded in Mumbai's jewelry market at around 7 p.m. local time, followed quickly by a second blast in the Opera House business district, and a third bomb in a crowded central Mumbai neighborhood. At least one of the explosions reportedly involved a vehicle bomb.

The U.S. Consulate in Mumbai released a statement reminding U.S. citizens "to exercise prudence," to monitor the news, and to follow directions from Indian officials. "At this time, there is no reason to suspect that U.S. citizens were the target of the attacks," said the statement, "and there are no reports of U.S. citizens killed or injured as a result of these attacks."

In a statement, President Obama condemned the bombings, calling them "outrageous," and pledged U.S. support for the Indian government. "The American people will stand with the Indian people in times of trial," said the president, "and we will offer support to the India's efforts to bring the perpetrators of these terrible crimes to justice."

On November 26, 2008, 10 Pakistani terrorists entered Mumbai from the sea and began conducting assaults on civilian targets throughout the city, including a hospital, a train station, two luxury hotels, a bar popular with foreigners and a Jewish community center. They killed civilians with automatic weapons and explosives and took hostages. By November 29, all but one terrorist had been killed by Indian security forces.

The sole surviving attacker, Ajmal Kasab, told Indian authorities that Lashkar-e-Taiba (LET) was behind the attacks. Kasab was found guilty of murder and dozens of other charges and has been sentenced to death.

Pakistani-American David Headley, born Daood Sayed Gilani, pled guilty in 2010 to helping the LET plan the attacks. Headley made numerous trips to Mumbai to scout the locations. Both Indian and U.S. investigators said that Headley told them the ISI helped LET plan the terror operation. Testifying at the federal trial of Tahawwur Rana, his alleged coconspirator, Headley said the leadership of the ISI was not involved in the Mumbai attack planning, but testified that some ISI agents were involved. Rana was convicted of providing support to LET but acquitted of any role in the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

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Iraqi Capital Hit with String of Deadly Bombings

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(BAGHDAD) -- A series of deadly bomb explosions in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad left at least 13 dead and more than 100 wounded, the BBC reported Saturday.

Insurgents targeted Iranian pilgrims with two bombs. The first exploded near a house used by pilgrims as a rest stop; the other struck a bus carrying Iranian Shiites.

A third car bomb went off at a busy market where several people were reported killed.

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