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Supermodel Runs Half-Marathon, Walks Paris Fashion Show

constancedecorde/WireImage(PARIS) -- The term “supermodel” rings true for Natalia Vodianova, who ran a half-marathon for charity before resuming her day job as a runway model at Paris fashion week.

The mother-of-three posted a note on her Facebook page Monday with photos, “yesterday was one of those days that i imagine will stay with me forever. it was always supposed to be a busy day -- running a half-marathon becoming now a yearly tradition during the paris fashion week (as if fashion week is not busy enough S).”

Vodianova ran the Paris half-marathon for the Naked Heart Foundation, a charity she founded in Russia, “to ensure that every child has a loving family, and a safe and stimulating place to play, the two things essential for a happy, fulfilling childhood.”

The model and her team raised $47,000 out of a $270,000 target for the construction of a playground in her hometown of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. This will be the 100th playground the foundation has built.

Vodianova participated in the half-marathon last year, as well as carrying the torch in Russia's Paralympics this past summer.

The model then went to walk the runway at the Givenchy fashion show, where she would model clothes designed by Riccardo Tisci.  Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and Amanda Seyfried were some of the celebrities who attended, but Vodianova had a special guest seeing the show for the first time.

“In the beginning of that week during a casual conversation over dinner, my grandmother said to me something I could not ignore: ‘I am getting so old. I hope that one day before I die I will see one of those fashion shows you are talking about.’ I replied that of course I would love to take her. I felt huge sense of urgency as I recently lost my grandfather and a thought of waiting till the next October to complete her wish was unbearable. I remembered that Riccardo was requesting me for Givenchy. Though initially I thought that to be a crazy idea knowing I was running the same morning, now it seemed like a destiny,” she wrote.

Vodianova called Tisci to request tickets, who was touched and invited her grandmother to attend with her son, Lucas.

“So I run the marathon, did the coolest show of the week, spent some precious time with my best friend Mariacarla and most importantly saw that sparkling light of pride in my sweet babunichka’s eyes,” Vodianova wrote.

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Asian Models All the Rage in Fashion World

Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- From the top designer shows in New York to ads for the all-American brand J. Crew, a new group of supermodels is taking center stage. Move over, Heidi, Gisele and Naomi, and make way for Du Juan, Shu Pei and rising star Liu Wen.

Wen was a ubiquitous presence at New York Fashion Week this fall and was the most-booked model of color at this year's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

She was the first Chinese model to walk a Victoria's Secret runway show, which is usually dominated by blond bombshells.

Wen, 23, was among a group of models recently featured in a Vogue article heralding the rise of Asian models. The headline -- "Redefining Traditional Concepts of Beauty" -- quickly spawned controversy.

"They said a new crop of Asian models from China, South Korea and Japan is redefining traditional concepts of beauty," said blogger Jen Wang. "That's a little bit like Vogue saying, 'It's 2011 and we finally think Asian women are beautiful.'"

Wang is cynical about the trend and said it is driven not by a new appreciation of Asian beauty, but by a pure profit motive -- the booming buying power of the Chinese consumer.

"I think the fashion industry is starting to take note and starting to put people who represent that market into their pages," she said.

In cosmetics alone, the Asian market is poised to become the world's largest, growing to $85 billion a year.

Estee Lauder recently jumped on the bandwagon, signing Wen as its first Asian "brand ambassador," joining the ranks of Elizabeth Hurley and Gwyneth Paltrow. A native daughter like Wen might unlock the door to China's enormous market.

"I think Estee Lauder should be celebrated for signing someone like Liu Wen to be their first Asian spokes model," said Joe Zee, creative director of Elle magazine. "A modeling contract is a holy grail for any model. To have an Asian face represent that, a whole 100 percent Asian born and bred face represent that, that's amazing."

Liu Wen has come a long way from her home village in China's Hunan Province. After winning a modeling contest, she was discovered by French stylist Joseph Carle.

"When I saw her I thought she's a Chinese Evangelista," said Carle. "She can do so much with such excellence and she can create an intimacy with the readers, too, because the readers want to identify with the girls."

Wen demurred when asked if she thought she had ever been passed over for work because she was Asian, and the barriers loom large. Critics say all-Asian castings -- as in Givenchy's haute couture show last fall -- reek of exoticism. It was the same criticism leveled at Vogue Italia for its so-called "all-black" issue.

"Unfortunately, it plays into the stereotypes that Asians all look alike," Jen Wang said of the Vogue spread. "Because the models did all kind of look alike."

Indeed, British Vogue's recent article about the rise of Asian models misidentified Liu Wen as a different Chinese model.

Zee said this line of criticism was justified.

"There's something to be said about grouping a bunch of Asian models together," Zee said. "I think that it feels almost like a fad or a trend, versus something that just feels like a melting pot of beauty."

Wen thinks the widening lens of beauty is more than an "it bag," and added that she doesn't care whether the trend was about diversity or the market.

"I feel the world is smaller, and the fashion world is getting bigger for any girl," she said. "Before you have black girl, white girl. Now you have kind of yellow-skinned girl. So it's Western meets Eastern."

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Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress: Designer Revealed

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images(LONDON) -- At last, the moment the world has been waiting for: Kate Middleton revealed her wedding dress, a lace and ivory satin design by Sarah Burton, the creative director for the late Alexander McQueen.

Looking both modern and traditional, Middleton also wore a tiara and short veil that covered her face.

The dress' train measures about eight feet.  The ivory satin bodice, which is narrowed at the waist and padded at the hips, draws on the Victorian tradition of corsetry and is a hallmark of Alexander McQueen's designs.  The back is finished with 58 gazar and organza covered buttons fastened by Rouleau loops.  The underskirt is made of silk tulle trimmed with Cluny.

Fashion lovers around the globe have been waiting for months for a glimpse of the year's most anticipated outfit, which has been shrouded in mystery and the subject of speculation almost since the day Middleton and Prince William announced their engagement.

In the hours leading up to the wedding, clues pointed to Burton.  A woman wearing accessories favored by Burton -- a distinctive studded leather belt doubled through the belt loops of her jeans and ballet pumps -- was seen Thursday going into the Goring Hotel, the Middleton family headquarters, according to the U.K.'s Daily Telegraph.

The woman hid her hair and face under a fur "trapper" hat in an attempt to hide her identity from the swarms of photographers and television crews.

Last month, the Telegraph reported that Middleton chose Burton "for the discretion afforded by her relatively low profile, as well as for her alternative take on elegance."  Burton's work is said to have "caught Middleton's eye" when she designed an off-the-shoulder wedding dress for Sara Buys, a fashion journalist who in 2005 married Tom Parker Bowles, Camilla's son. Buys is reportedly friendly with Middleton.

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Police Make Arrests While Prince William and Kate Middleton Wed

John Foxx/Stockbyte/Thinkstock(LONDON) -- The events surrounding Prince William and Kate Middleton's royal wedding are not yet over, but already, British police have made at least 43 arrests for a variety of offenses, according to Scotland Yard. Those offenses include breach of the peace, handling stolen goods, assault and possessing an offensive weapon.

Below, a rundown of the arrests as of 7 a.m. ET:

  • 1 for sexual assault
  • 1 for assault
  • 1 for criminal damage
  • 1 for drug offense
  • 5 for drunk and disorderly conduct
  • 1 for warrant
  • 1 for offensive weapon
  • 25 for breach of the peace
  • 1 for public order
  • 3 for theft
  • 2 for going equipped
  • 1 for another infraction

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Kate Middleton: What Will She Wear for the Royal Wedding?

Niall Carson - WPA Pool / Getty Images(LONDON) -- Ahead of Prince William and Kate Middleton's big day, one major question remains: what will she wear?

Millions of people will watch Middleton walk down the aisle of Westminster Abbey Friday morning. Still, what she'll be clad in remains a mystery, a subject of speculation that has had the fashion world scratching its collective head for months.

All will be revealed at 6 a.m. ET when the designer's name, along with photographs and sketches of Middleton's gown, will be posted on the official royal wedding website.

About the only certainty right now is that the dress will be made by a British designer.

Many media outlets have speculated that the dress will be a creation of Sarah Burton's, the designer for the late Alexander McQueen. She was considered McQueen's right-hand prior to his 2010 death and was head of design for the label's women's wear since 2000.

The Daily Telegraph reported that Middleton chose Burton "for the discretion afforded by her relatively low profile, as well as for her alternative take on elegance." Burton's work is said to have "caught Middleton's eye" when she designed an off-the-shoulder wedding dress for Sara Buys, a fashion journalist who in 2005 married Tom Parker Bowles, Camilla's son. Buys is reportedly friendly with Middleton.

Considered one of Britain's edgiest labels, a McQueen dress would be in line with Middleton's interest in fashion. On the other hand, that interest in fashion lends credence to the Daily Mail's report that Middleton designed the dress herself.

Middleton has long been interested in fashion and design. She worked for the British apparel chain Jigsaw as an accessories buyer after graduating from St. Andrews University, where she studied art history. It was at St. Andrews where she modeled in a student fashion show and reportedly caught Prince William's eye in a see-through dress.

In addition to the dress, there has been widespread speculation about the shoes that Middleton will wear. The Huffington Post reported that the bride-to-be commissioned four pairs of shoes for her wedding day, each with different heel heights. The lowest will be used to walk down the aisle at Westminster Abbey and are expected to be covered with multiple layers of silk and embroidery.

Middleton will reportedly change out of those shoes and into more festive heels for Friday afternoon and evening events, where she will perhaps, to the delight of the fashion-loving masses, debut a party-ready dress or two, too.

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What Does One Wear to a Royal Wedding?

Indigo/Getty Images(LONDON) -- In less than two months, 1,900 lucky guests will be raiding the shops to find the perfect royal-wedding outfit.

Wedding garb is a minefield. But ABC News set out to Selfridges, one of London top stores, to get some tips for what to wear.

Sophie, a stylist from Selfridges, said that because the wedding's taking place at Westminster Abbey, sleeves are a must. It's a delicate line between looking "proper" but not "stuffy". Gloves, for women, are also essential, Sophie said. Dents gloves are the brand de jour, favored by the royal family, hand stitched in Wiltshire for three centuries, and worn at many a royal wedding in bygone days.

As for male dress? The invitation says men are required to choose among three kinds of dress: a military uniform, a morning coat or a lounge suit. A lounge suit is what the Brits call a coat and tie. As for the morning coat, that's a coat with a front cut away, so that the back is longer, which Americans would recognize as a tailcoat, or "tails." The outfit is topped off with a hat, which comes from the days when men rode horses and wore top hats. And, last but not least, the final touch for a gentleman royal-wedding goer is an umbrella. This is London after all, and the chances are that April Showers will appear at some point April 29.

ABC News headed to Fox Umbrellas, a name synonymous with umbrella excellence. Made to last a lifetime, these rain shields don't come cheap. Some cost thousands of dollars; a mid-range model goes for around $400.

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