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Felix Baumgartner: Daredevil Lands on Earth After Record Breaking Supersonic Leap

Red Bull(NEW YORK) -- Daredevil Felix Baumgartner has landed safely on earth -- and in the record books -- after a supersonic leap from the edge of space.

The Austrian thrill-seeker broke the world record for the highest skydive.

"I'm coming home," Baumgartner said before he jumped out of a capsule 24 miles above the earth, as millions around the world watched online.

Baumgartner was in freefall for approximately 4 minutes and 22 seconds, during which he aimed to break the speed of sound.

"My visor is fogging up," he told ground control over his radio.

Moments later, his parachute opened, allowing the daredevil's family and training team on the ground to breathe a massive sigh of relief.

"I practiced this for so many years," Baumgartner said while training for the big jump. "This is my biggest dream."

The 43-year-old had a couple of disappointments and weather-related cancellations this week.

He was set to take the leap Tuesday, Oct. 9, but winds at 20 miles per hour at the top of the 55-story helium balloon that was to lift him into the stratosphere were far faster than the safe 3 mph limit.

It took approximately three hours for the balloon to rise to 120,000 feet today, which is also the 65th anniversary of when legendary pilot Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier.


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