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2,000 Pound Great White Shark Caught in Mexico

Comstock/Thinkstock (file photo)(CABO SAN LUCAS, Mexico) -- Two fisherman in Mexico netted a monstrous catch quite unexpectedly this week: a 2,000 pound great white shark.

The enormous shark, which measured almost 20 feet in length, was caught in a net cast by commercial fishermen in the Sea of Cortez on Sunday, according to Pisces Sportfishing, a charter fishing company based in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The shark was already dead when the men found it, but the fisherman, identified only as Guadalupe and Baltazar, were still overwhelmed by it.

“We were amazed and immediately realized that we had a huge, dead, great white shark, and then we thought, 'what are we going to do?'” Guadalupe told Pisces Sportfishing’s Tracy Ehrenberg.

The fishing boat had to be towed to shore because of the extra weight, where more than 50 bystanders helped the men drag the dead shark onto the docks.

Pisces Sportfishing reported that the shark “fed the whole town.”

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427-Pound Tuna Caught, No Record Broken Due to Technicality YORK) -- Robert Pedigo has caught what is thought to be the largest Yellowfin tuna ever landed using fishing rod and reel – a 427.9-pounder – but the catch likely can’t be certified as a record because of a technical violation.

Pedigo reeled in the enormous tuna April 12 off Puerta Vallarta in Mexico, but it’s not eligible for record status by the certifying International Game Fish Association because someone else aboard the boat “Journeyman” touched the rod during Pedigo’s 30-minute struggle to land the fish.

“Yes, this fish is not going to be a world record because I touched the rod while Robert fought the fish,” Osuna said, the blog Phil Friedman Outdoors reported. “We never thought this fish was going to go over 400 pounds.”

They reportedly have not submitted the catch for record consideration.

IGFA regulations state that “the act of persons other than the angler in touching any part of the rod, reel, or line … either bodily or with any device, from the time a fish strikes or takes the bait or lure, until the fish is either landed or released” will generally disqualify the catch from consideration.

Osuna said he felt fine, even though the official record wasn’t broken.

“The best feeling we have is that we caught the biggest yellowfin ever on rod and reel,” he said, Phil Friedman Outdoors also said.

The current record for an all-tackle Yellowfin tuna catch is held by Mike Livingston. The fish he caught on the southern Baja California peninsula in 2010 weighed 405 pounds.

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Tensions Rising Between China and Japan 

(BEIJING) -- A collision two weeks ago between a Chinese fishing boat and two Japanese coast guard patrol ships off the hotly disputed Diaoyu Islands has rapidly devolved into a bilateral crisis, pitting the two countries against each other in their worst diplomatic row in years.

On Tuesday, Japan's government warned that its country and China to beware of fomenting nationalism over the ongoing dispute.  Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshito Sengoku told a news conference said, "We should be careful not to stir up narrow-minded, extreme nationalism." He added, "We should try to resolve the problem without escalating the situation and we'll call for measures through all possible channels."

At the moment, that might be tough. China said today it would be "inappropriate" for the countries' premiers to meet this week at the United Nations.  It has cut off all high-level government contact with Japan and suspended talks on aviation and energy exploration.

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