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Jordan: Eight Injured As Anti-Government Protests Turn Violent

Photo Courtesy - AFP/Getty Images(AMMAN, Jordan) -- Uprisings in Egypt have triggered similar protests across the Mideast. In Jordan, Friday marked the seventh straight day of protests between government supporters and anti-government demonstrators.

At least eight people were reported injured in Friday’s demonstrations. Protesters are calling for greater freedoms and lower prices on items such as food.

“High prices,” one protester said, “we wish that the government will do something about it.”

Another demonstrator said the time has come for Jordanians to demand what, he says, they deserve.

“We are, as Jordanians are, calling for our rights.”

The U.S. is appealing to the government of Bahrain to show restraint and usher in political reform after security forces used violence to break up pro-democracy protests, leaving at least five people dead.

The Obama administration is keeping a watchful eye on the fluid situation in Bahrain, which is the home of the U.S. Fifth Fleet and a strong ally of Saudi Arabia, another Arab nation that may soon experience anti-government protests that have spread rapidly throughout the Middle East over the past month.

In Bahrain, opposition forces are calling for the prime minister to step down, as well as demanding improvements in quality of life issues such as wages and housing.

As in Egypt and Tunisia, the protesters have been spurred on by bloggers using social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, which are more difficult for the government to suppress.

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