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UK's Hague Warns of Cold War if Iran Proceeds with Nuclear Program

Stockbyte/Thinkstock(LONDON) -- The UK Foreign Secretary William Hague warned about an Iran with nuclear weapons.

Hague spoke with the Daily Telegraph saying an Iranian nuclear program could trigger a new Cold War with no safety mechanisms in place. He said other countries in the Middle East would rush to develop their own nuclear weapons if Iran proceeds with their program.

Tensions have escalated in the Middle East with Israel accusing Iran for last week's Israeli embassy attacks in India, Thailand and Georgia, reports BBC News.

While Iran insists that they are developing new energy programs, the EU and the United States imposed more sanctions on Iran in order to discourage the country from pursuing a nuclear program.

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Britain Asks For More Help Against Libya

NATO(LONDON) -- What to do next about Libya? A number of countries led by NATO states have gathered in Doha to try to figure that out.    

British Foreign Secretary William Hague wants others to help break the current military stalemate.

"We have supplied additional ground attack forces over the last week and we do look to other countries to do the same", says Hague.

Part of the reason is that Britian is basically broke and it can't carry on like this over the long haul.

As to how the Doha meeting is playing in Tripoli? Gadhafi spokesman Moussa Ibrahim says Qatar acts more like an oil conglomerate than a real country. He concludes that certain interests will be looked after.

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