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Report: NATO Friendly Fire Kills 12 Anti-Gadhafi Rebels

Paul Tearle/Thinkstock(MISRATA, Libya) -- Officials confirmed Thursday that 12 Libyan rebels were mistakenly killed near the town of Misrata Wednesday as the result of a NATO airstrike, the Los Angeles Times reports.

ABC News Radio reported Wednesday that NATO was planning to step up attacks on Moammar Gadhafi's forces, with the goal to paralyze Gadhafi's ability to lead his military.

After at least three reported friendly fire incidents since NATO began targeting Gadhafi's regime to protect Libyan civilians, the Los Angeles Times reports that those leading the anti-Gadhafi forces maintain their support for the NATO strikes.  They have said the incidents are "unfortunate accidents in a worthy cause."

Both NATO and rebel forces have agreed that additional measures -- such as marking rebel vehicles and reporting rebel positions to NATO -- will be enforced to prevent friendly fire casualties from happening again.

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Afghan Soldier Turns On, Kills Coalition Counterpart

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(BAGHLAN, Afghanistan) -- A person wearing an Afghan army uniform turned his gun on the coalition soldier he was working with Friday, killing him and another soldier in the northern district of Baghlan. Other coalition soldiers then fired at the Afghan soldier, wounding him critically.

Local police say the two soldiers were German. At least eight others were injured in the attacks.

These kinds of shootings have increased in the last year. This is the second case in just the last month. On Jan. 20, an Afghan soldier killed two Italian soldiers before escaping a base in western Afghanistan.

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