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Shark Attack in South Africa Causes Honeymoon Scare

Comstock/Thinkstock(GANSBAAI, South Africa) -- A close encounter with a great white shark nearly ended a couple's honeymoon -- literally -- for one man in South Africa.

The man, identified only as “Roger” in a video posted on YouTube, was diving in the waters off Gansbaai, South Africa, last Thursday, when a great white shark made a grab for him and a fellow diver inside a cage.

Instead of going after the bait outside of the cage, the shark dove for his head, with his jaws wide open, inside.

“For the first few seconds, you can’t help but think the worst has happened,” said Bryan Plummer, the fellow shark diver who captured the terrifying scene on camera.

The honeymooner, who had just said “I do” the day before the dive, according to Plummer, managed to swim down just below the shark’s open mouth and avoid injury.

“His instinct was to just go down and avoid where the shark had access to,” said Plummer.  “[It was] very quick thinking on his part.”

The terrifying moments before it was clear that both divers had survived were captured on YouTube by Plummer who described it as an “out of control situation.”

“Apologies for any profanity in the video,” Plummer writes in his description of the clip.

Experts say the shark was acting on its natural instincts.

“When they get the scent of blood or scent of fish in the water they can go into quite a frantic feeding-type frenzy,” said Ken Ramirez, executive vice president of Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium.  “They just sort of devour and hit everything in their path.”

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Shark Attack in Seychelles Kills Honeymooner

File photo. (Comstock/Thinkstock)(LONDON) -- A man snorkeling on his honeymoon in the Seychelle Islands was fatally attacked by a shark as his bride, who was sunning on the beach, heard his screams.

Ian Redmond, 30, died of his injures Tuesday.

Redmond had been swimming in tranquil waters of Anse Lazio beach on the island of Praslin Tuesday when the attack occurred.

He and his wife of two weeks, Gemma Houghton, were one of thousands of couples who flock to the Indian Ocean islands from Europe yearly. Newlyweds Prince William and Duchess Kate visited North Island in Seychelles for their honeymoon earlier this year.

Sunbathers and fellow tourists were alerted to the deadly incident when they heard Redmond's cries for help.

One American tourist who witnessed the attack told The Telegraph, "I saw a swimmer who was missing a huge chunk of flesh from his left leg - so much so that I could see the bone of his thigh. He was sickeningly pale, but still had his flippers on both feet. "

Redmond was pulled to shore by witnesses in a boat and died shortly afterwards of blood loss in a hospital.

This is the latest in a recent outbreak of shark attacks on the beach of Anse Lazio in the Seychelles. A French tourist was killed two weeks ago by a shark under similar circumstances while snorkeling in the waters during late afternoon.

Seychelles ambassador to the U.S., Ronald Jumeau, told ABC News that reports circulating about the killer shark's size of 6 feet were false.

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Monaco's Royals Slept Apart on Honeymoon

Tony Barson/WireImage(LONDON) -- Prince Albert of Monaco and his bride Charlene spent the first few days of their marriage sleeping in separate hotels 10 miles apart, his palace has confirmed, continuing the honeymoon drama that appears to have the newlyweds in more royal trouble than wedded bliss.

In the latest twist to the saga behind their glamorous marriage, after arriving at their honeymoon destination of South Africa, the 53-year-old prince immediately moved into the Hilton hotel in Durban.

His 33-year-old bride, Charlene Wittstock, moved instead into a suite at a hotel some 10 miles away, in the seaside town of Umhlanga Rocks.

The explanation is that he wanted to avoid the traffic in the morning to get to early meetings, Peter Allen of the UK's The Daily Mail told ABC News. "So he stayed there, leaving poor old Charlene 10 miles up the coast at a seaside hotel."

A Monaco palace official confirmed the unusual sleeping arrangements.

"The Prince was in a meeting at the Hilton with members of the International Olympic Committee from July 5 to 9. For practical reasons, it was better to sleep there," a Monaco senior courtier told the Daily Mail.

"You have to ask, why couldn't Charlene have stayed in Durban?" Allen said to ABC News. "It's a mystery."

The separate time apart may have given the royal couple, married just weeks ago in an extravagant $55 million, three-day royal wedding, time to think about their future.

Ever since the couple left Monaco after their July 2 wedding, bound for Wittstock's native South Africa, their honeymoon has been overshadowed by headlines that the seemingly reluctant bride was demanding a paternity test to determine if her new husband had cheated on her during their five-year courtship.

Albert already has two confirmed illegitimate children, and rumors of a third love child were widely suspected to be behind Wittstock's reported attempts to escape their marriage.

Days before their fairy-tale wedding that set Monaco abuzz, news reports surfaced that Wittstock, a former Olympic swimmer for South Africa, had bolted for the airport, some reports saying as many as three times, with a one-way ticket to her family's South African home.

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Prince William, Catherine Depart for Royal Honeymoon

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images(LONDON) -- Prince William and his wife, Catherine, have taken off for their honeymoon, according to St. James' Palace.

The news comes as no surprise since Prince William's car was spotted Monday near his Royal Air Force base along with a police vehicle piled high with luggage.

The big question remains: Where did he and Catherine go?

Rumors have been swirling around that the newlyweds may have gone to places like Jordan, the Caribbean or Australia.  But according to British media, the most speculated spot is a quiet, private island in the Seychelles, off the east African coast.

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Where Will Prince William and Catherine Honeymoon?

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images(LONDON) -- Now that all the pomp and pageantry is over, the world is dying to know where Prince William and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, will be honeymooning.

That location, for obvious reasons, is undisclosed.

For the time being, the couple will be staying at a rented cottage on an island off the coast of Wales in western Britain.  Then, it's off to who knows where.

Rumored destinations for the newlyweds, who were married in spectacular style last Friday before a world audience, are Kenya, Jordan, Australia or a Caribbean island.

In the meantime, Britain can get back to serious matters, such as whether the new groom's brother, Prince Harry, is courting Philippa "Pippa" Middletown, the younger sister of the bride.  The two served as best man and maid of honor at the royal wedding.

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Where Will the Royal Couple Honeymoon?

Chris Jackson/Getty Images(LONDON) -- Prince William and Kate Middleton take their vows, the bells of London toll, and the royal wedding becomes a part of history -- but in the meantime one last mystery swirls: where will the newlyweds honeymoon?

"The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have chosen not to depart for a honeymoon immediately. Instead, after spending the weekend privately in the United Kingdom, The Duke will return to work as a Search and Rescue pilot next week," said a St James's Palace spokesman in a statement released Saturday.

"The locations of both their private weekend before The Duke returns to work and their future honeymoon, which will be overseas, will not be disclosed in advance.

"The Couple have asked that their privacy be respected during the coming weekend and during their honeymoon."

The honeymoon speculation has included destinations all over the world, with many sources reporting that William and Kate will travel to Australia. Last month, when he visited there, William told the U.K.'s Daily Telegraph, "I love scuba diving, I have always wanted to dive the barrier reef." He playfully told cheering locals, "I will have to come back; maybe we'll have a honeymoon in Cairns?"

The Mirror is also predicting that the royal couple will head down under after their wedding, with The Mirror naming Lizard Island, a national park on the Reef, as the most likely destination.

Some beach destination contenders include Mauritius and the Seychelles, businessman Richard Branson's private island in the British Virgin Islands and the private Caribbean island Mustique, where the late Princess Margaret had a house. It was also reported that Kate Middleton recently purchased two bikinis during a shopping trip on King's Road in London, further suggesting a honeymoon in the sun.

Others predict William will bring his bride back to Kenya, where he proposed and where he once said he hoped they would be able to return soon.

Wherever they end up, they only have two weeks to duck from paparazzi and enjoy their newlywed bliss. Prince William is only allowed two weeks' leave by the Royal Air Force until he has to be back at his base in Wales. His parents, Charles and Diana, had the fortune of a honeymoon that lasted more than two months.

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A Honeymoon from Hell: Floods, Fires, Tsunamis and Earthquakes

Digital Vision/Thinkstock(STOCKHOLM) -- Stefan and Erika Svanstrom are just back from a honeymoon from hell.

The newlyweds had planned a long trip that would start in Singapore in early December and end in China four months later.  With their baby daughter in tow, the Svanstroms packed up and prepared to leave on their once-in-a-lifetime journey.

But things didn't go exactly as planned.  They encountered floods, fires, tsunamis and earthquakes along the way.

For starters, on Dec. 6 a snowstorm socked in many major airports in Europe and the Svanstroms -- Stefan, 38, and Erika, 32 -- ended up spending the first night of their honeymoon stranded at an airport hotel.  They eventually left Germany for Singapore, then went on to Bali -- where they flew right into a monsoon.

Their next stop was Perth, Australia, where they narrowly missed both a cyclone and devastating bush fires.  Then it was on to Cairns, where they ran smack into Category 5 Cyclone Yasi.  The Svanstroms were evacuated from their hotel to a nearby shopping mall where they had to wait for the storm to pass.

As the Svanstroms were leaving Australia for New Zealand, another near miss.  This time, just before their flight took off, an earthquake struck Christchurch, their destination.  The couple had to detour to Auckland and drive the rest of the way.  Their view of Christchurch was confined to the airport.  The roads to the city center were impassable.

In all they've traveled to 16 countries together.  And perhaps it's their sense of adventure that kept them going forward with their itinerary, instead of catching the next flight back to Stockholm as their worried relatives requested.  But turning back was a thought they said they never considered.

By far the worst part of the trip was the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan.  The couple was eating lunch with their baby in Tokyo when they felt the ground shake.

Eventually the Svanstroms and their baby made their way to China where they spent an uneventful few weeks before flying home. Since then they have had a chance to reflect on their journey.

But the bad luck isn't quite over yet.  On her way home from work this week, Erika Svanstrom's commuter train got stuck -- the result of a storm in Stockholm. 

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