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ABC Exclusive Mubarak: "I Will Die on Egyptian Soil"  

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(CAIRO) -- As the crisis in Egypt intensifies, ABC News correspondent Christiane Amanpour has spoken exclusively with Egypt's embattled president, Hosni Mubarak.

"We spoke for about 30 minutes and I asked him a range of questions," Amanpour said. "I asked him whether he would step down. He said that he would when his term was up, but if he did so now, even though he said he would like to resign today, there would be chaos and 'the Muslim brotherhood would take over.'"

When Amanpour asked how he was feeling he said, "I am feeling strong. I would never run away. I will die on Egyptian soil. "Mubarak said, “I never intended to run again. I never intended Gamal to be President after me.” Gamal,  his son, was sitting in the room when he said this.


Asked for response, one Obama administration official says perhaps of most significance is the part of the interview where Mubarak says -- in front of his son Gamal -- that it was never his intention to have his son follow him into office.

Mubarak hasn’t said that publicly before.

As ABC News reported earlier this week,  Gamal being taken off the table as a potential successor was on the list of talking points for Frank Wisner to bring to Mubarak, but on Tuesday night Mubarak didn’t say anything about whether Gamal would be on the September ballot.

Vice President Suleiman has, but Obama administration officials weren’t sure until now as to whether Mubarak had come to terms with it.

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