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Aluminum Company to Pay $646M Fine for Hungarian Sludge Spill

ABC News(BUDAPEST, Hungary) -- The aluminum company responsible for last year's enormous toxic sludge leak in Hungary will now have to pay a fine totaling up to $646 million, according to BBC News.

The MAL Zrt leak killed 10 people and released an unheard-of amount (184 million gallons) of hazardous materials causing environmental harm.  Once the sludge reached the Danube, more than 150 people were injured, BBC News reports.

Now, officials say MAL Zrt will have just two weeks to either appeal the judgement or pay the fine.

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Hungarian Toxic Sludge Visible From Space

Photo Courtesy - NASA(NEW YORK) -- The toxic sludge from a reservoir spill at an aluminum plant in Hungary can be seen from space.  At least eight people have died as a result of last week's spill and more than 120 people have been burned.  Environmental advocates on the scene tell ABC News tests show the sludge is far more caustic than the dust at ground zero on 9/11. 

Pictures from Nasa's Hubble telescope show a fearsome sight.  The red sludge flows for miles.  While NASA does sometimes enhance the color in many of its images, it says this one is natural. 

The alkaline mud is a byproduct of the aluminum manufacturing process, which uses caustic soda to turn bauxite, or aluminum ore, into the lightweight metal.   The spill decimated the Marcal River in western Hungary before flowing in a more diluted state into the Danube River.  Officials and environmentalists are gravely concerned about the long-term health risks associated with the sludge. 

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