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Russia's Military Turns to Inflatable Weapons

Photo Courtesy - Rusbal(MOSCOW) -- Russia's Defense Ministry is in talks with a private company called Rusbal to develop a range of inflatable decoy armaments they could place in battlefields to deceive the enemy about positions and lure it into attacking cheap replicas with their million-dollar rockets.  The plan could save the Russian military millions, while sparing the depletion and destruction of their pricey arsenal.

Tanks, radars, jets and anti-craft missle launchers are part of the series.

"They're light, possible to move quickly, meaning more mobile," says Viktor Talanov, Rusbal's head of marketing. "They're the full imitation in every sense: visually, heat and on radar."

From the air, the decoys look remarkably realistic.  But in this day of thermal imaging and heat-seeking missiles, Rusbal has had to improve dummy technology to interest the military.  They line various parts of the equipment with a thin layer of metal and install a heating system so that, for example, an inflatable truck would appear to have a warm engine when viewed through thermal imaging.

Talanov claims that in side-by-side tests conducted by the military, one can't tell the difference between the real and the fake.

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