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Pakistan Orders Internal Military Review

Stockbyte/Thinkstock(ISLAMABAD) -- The Pakistani military has agreed to conduct an internal review, according to a Pakistani government official. This after Osama bin Laden, the world’s most wanted man, was found living virtually in the military’s backyard.

Bin Laden was killed during a raid by Navy SEALs in Abbotabad, Pakistan early Monday morning local time, after U.S. intelligence located him living in a massive compound a few thousand feet away from a top Pakistani military academy.

Pakistani officials claim they were not aware that bin Laden was residing in Abbotabad.

U.S. forces were able to fly into Pakistan using helicopters, conduct the raid -- which lasted about 40 minutes -- and exit the country, without encountering any Pakistani military troops. This appears to have left the Pakistan military somewhat embarrassed, and also raises some questions about its air defense system. This has also sent the military’s reputation backwards with the country’s residents.

Some Pakistanis have been taking jabs the military in the form of text messages such as the following:

“Pakistan radar system for sale: $99.99, buy one, get one free.”

“Public Service Message from the Army: Stay Alert. Don’t rely on us.”

“No honking: the army is asleep.”

Others have expressed more serious concerns about the capability of the military to protect the country, fearing that other countries may try to take advantage of the apparently ineffective air defense systems.

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