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International Women of Courage Honored at US State Dept.

YURI GRIPAS/AFP/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- At the State Department Tuesday morning, on the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and first lady Michelle Obama presented the annual International Women of Courage awards to 10 women from around the world.

Since 2007, the State Department has honored 38 women activists from 27 countries with this award.
Women from Cuba and Belarus were unable to attend in person because their governments would not allow them to travel to Washington for the ceremony, Clinton said.

Clinton took the opportunity to urge leaders of reform and democracy movements in the Middle East to include women in the process.

“We have seen similar tales of courage from women across the Middle East in recent weeks.  They have insisted their voices be heard.  And in the coming months and years, the women in Egypt and Tunisia and other nations have just as much right as the men to remake their governments to make them responsive, accountable, transparent,” Clinton said, drawing applause from the audience. “We will certainly be watching, and the world will watch.  And it's not just the rest of the world but the women themselves who deserve to be at that table, making those choices that will affect their lives and the lives of their daughters and their sons, no matter what government emerges,” she said.

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