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Five Charged in China After Boy Sells Kidney for iPhone, iPad

ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images(CHANGSHA, China) -- What would you give up to have the latest smartphone or best tablet device?  The most popular of these devices often cost the figurative arm-and-a-leg, but would they be worth giving up a real kidney? Chinese authorities arrested five people after a teenager admitted he sold his kidney to the group so that he could purchase Apple's iPhone and iPad.

The surgeon, who removed the 17-year-old teen's kidney, and four others were paid a total of around $35,000 for the transplant, according to the state-run Xinhua news agency.  The boy, identified only by his last name, Wang, reportedly only received $3,000 in exchange for his kidney.

When Wang's mother questioned her son about how he got money for such expensive gadgets, he confessed that he had sold his kidney to the group after being recruited through an online chatroom for illegal trade, according to BBC News.  Prosecutors say the boy now suffers from renal failure, Xinhua reports.

With the popular gadgets in high demand and shortages of donors causing even higher demand for organs, the black market for human organs has thrived -- despite the official banning of organ trafficking several years ago.

All five people responsible for the removal and sale of Wang's kidney were charged with causing intentional injury and illegal organ trading.  Officials are still investigating others who may have been involved in the operation.

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Man Claims He Used iPad to Cross Into US

Apple Inc.(DERBY LINE, Vt.) -- A Canadian man traveling by car to Vermont claimed his iPad helped save the day after he realized he left his passport, which is required to cross into the United States, at his home in Quebec.

Martin Reisch, 33, said he arrived at Canada’s Stanstead crossing and proceeded to the U.S. border post at Derby Line, Vt. He showed the U.S. officer his Canadian driver’s license, Medicaid card and a digital scan of his passport he had on his iPad on Dec. 30.

"He didn’t say much,” Reisch told ABC News. "He took it with a serious face and went into the border patrol house. Five minutes later he came out and said 'Merry Christmas. You can go through.'"

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection Wednesday called Reisch’s story “false.”

“In this case, the individual had both a driver’s license and birth certificate, which the CBP officer used to determine identity and citizenship in order to admit the traveler into the country,” the agency said in a statement.

But Reisch isn’t backing down from his story.

“I can’t lie. I don’t even know where my birth certificate is,” he said. “Maybe they are making an official statement to help lessen the impact.”

The story went viral after Reisch’s friends retweeted his experience.

“I don’t want to start anything,” he said of all the attention he has received. “But this sounds like it’s taking a turn for the worse.”

He added that his experience does make him think about how technology can be used for identification purposes when traveling at some point in the future.

“I think mobile devices could develop applications with security protocols so it’s possible to bring your ID without having it stolen,” he said. “Obviously not just a jpeg scan of your passport.”

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Conman Sells Victim an iSpud

Apple(YORKSHIRE, England) -- Apple sells iPods, iPhones and iPads, but not iSpuds.

Police in Yorkshire, England are cautioning citizens to be wary of anyone who approaches them on the street and offers to sell them an iPad. 

The warning comes in the wake of a report that a 31-year-old man was tricked out of several hundred dollars when he paid a stranger for an iPad that turned out to be a bag of potatoes, the Yorkshire Evening Post reports.

According to a police report, the victim was approached on the street by a man who offered him an iPad for 200 pounds, the equivalent of $318.

The conman escorted the victim to an ATM where cash was exchanged for a black laptop bag that the victim believed contained an iPad.  It was not after the victim left the area and opened the bag that he discovered it contained only potatoes.

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UK: What's a Grocery Shopping Soccer Fan to Do?

Skygo/Sainsbury's UK(LONDON) -- In Britain, you'll find some fanatical followers of soccer who refuse to miss even a second of play. But what do they do if they have to go grocery shopping? A new innovation has been designed just for them.

“The idea we had was to create a shopping cart that...would allow you to dock your iPad into a docking station and allow people to tap in,” to the game while they do their shopping, inventor Ian Burgess explained.

Armed with a Sky Sports app, the customer's off and running. The device is being tried at one London Sainsbury's store ahead of what could be a wider rollout. The dock even comes with a self-charging solar panel, ensuring the viewing device never runs dry during a match.

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World Leaders' Small Talk: iPads, Travel Plans & Virtual Ponds

President Obama looks at a digital fish pond as he arrives at the APEC leaders retreat in Yokohama. Photo Courtesy - TIM SLOAN/AFP/Getty Images(YOKOHAMA, Japan) -- So what do world leaders chat about in those rare unscheduled minutes when they are gathered together before the start of a global summit session? At the APEC summit in Yokohama, Japan, the answer is iPads, travel plans and virtual Koi ponds.

A pool reporter was in earshot of President Obama as he chatted with Thai prime minister Abhisit  Vejjajiva and other world leaders at the start of an APEC session on Saturday.  The meeting took place in a constructed bamboo forest featuring stone paths and a virtual “Koi pond” – a high-tech pond with HD panels showing virtual fish swimming around.

“A bamboo well appeared to tip water into the fake pond, startling the fake fish, which scattered in fake terror,” the pool report said.

It was reportedly President Obama who initiated the tech conversation – he turned to the Thai prime minister and asked him if he liked his iPad. The Thai leader nodded and inquired as to whether Obama had one.

Earlier Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard leaned over the video pool and at the encouragement of her Japanese host, Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan, she loudly clapped her hands to get a reaction out of the fish. It was unclear if the fake fish obliged.

A day before their bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the APEC summit, Obama greeted Russian President Dmitry Medvedev with a hug and small talk.

Vietnamese President Nguyen Minh Triet told Mr. Obama he hoped he would visit his country.

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