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Anti-Tank Missile From Gaza Hits Israeli School Bus

Jeffrey Coolidge/Getty Images(JERUSALEM) -- It was a violent afternoon along the Israeli-Gaza border Thursday as Gaza militants fired over 40 rockets and mortars on Israel. At least one was shot down for the first time by Israel's newly-deployed anti-missile defense system, Iron Dome.  But in a trend that worries Israel, Palestinian militants have started to use very accurate anti-tank missiles against Israeli civilian targets. Thursday they aimed and hit a school bus, critically injuring a teenager.

The anti-tank missile fired by Gaza militants tore through the back of an Israeli school bus.  Almost all of the 50 kids had already gotten off, but the last passenger, a 16-year-old boy, suffered serious head injuries from the blast. Doctors say they're fighting to save his life. The driver was moderately injured. The Israeli army swiftly responded with tank fire and air strikes in Gaza that killed one 50-year-old Palestinian civilian and wounded at least nine others.

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Israel Deploys New Anti-Missile Defense System 

Antenna Audio, Inc./Getty Images(JERUSALEM) -- In response to last week's surge in militant rocket fire from the Gaza Strip, Israel decided to move up its timetable on the deployment of its most advanced anti-missile defense system, called Iron Dome. The first mobile battery unit has been placed near the southern city of Ber Sheba and two more will be deployed in the near future officials say. The first iron dome mobile unit is located on a hill in Ber Sheba because of its propensity to be targeted.

The main unit is connected to a number of missile launch pads and advanced radars in the field. "This is a unique system. There is no other system in the world that shoots missiles against rockets," says Brigadier General Doron Gavish, who oversaw the deployment. 

Iron Dome successfully destroyed rockets midair in a series of tests, but officials including the prime minister are lowering expectations. They've said Iron Dome will help, but it's still being tested and it's not fully operational yet.

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