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Apple Removes Controversial App from iTunes upon Israeli Appeals

Apple, Inc.(JERUSALEM) -- Following a request from the Israeli government, Apple has removed an iPhone and iPad app from the iTunes store called Third Intifada.  Israeli officials said the app created a forum for inciting violence against the Jewish state.  A spokesman for Apple said the app is gone because it "violates developer guidelines by being offensive to large groups of people."

This is the second time in just a few months that the Israeli government has succeeded in getting a major U.S. company -- first Facebook and now Apple -- to remove a social media group that encourages violence against the Jewish state.  The Israeli lawmaker behind both appeals, Yuli Edelstein, praised Apple for quickly removing the Third Intifada app from iTunes.  Apple, he said, has proven with the decision that it shares the values that oppose violence, incitement and terrorism.

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Israel Targets iTunes App that Calls for 'Armed Uprising'

PRNewsFoto/Apple(JERUSALEM) -- Israel recently won a fight with Facebook to remove a pro-Palestinian group that preached violence, and now the country is asking Apple to make some changes to its iTunes store.

Israel is going after the computer giant for an application called "Third Intifada." The country's information minister sent an email directly to Apple CEO Steve Jobs urging him to immediately remove the free application, which he says calls for an intifada -- or armed uprising -- against Israel. The Israeli official said that the articles, opinions, and photos on the application convinced him that it was being used as an instrument to incite violence.

Apple has not responded to the Israeli request.

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Royal Wedding Ceremony Coming to iTunes

Apple(LONDON) -- Coming soon to an iTunes near you...the royal wedding ceremony.

That's right, for those who can't wait and for the first time in history, the entire royal wedding ceremony will be released digitally within hours to online outlets like iTunes and Decca Records is behind the deal.

From the vows, to the readings, to the Central Royal Air Force Band, it should all be there. And of course, The Westminster Abbey Choir will perform too.

Every note, every nuance will be captured on the special recording. And for those willing to wait just a bit longer, a CD verison will roll out in stores one week later.

The album's being produced by Anna Barry, who says it'll be a great honor and enormous responsibility.

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