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Kazakhstan Bank to Issue Card Made with Real Gold

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(MOSCOW) -- American Express may call one of its cards the Gold Card, but a bank in Kazakhstan is announcing plans to issue an exclusive new bank card it claims is the world’s first made entirely of gold, diamonds and pearls.

Sberbank-Kazakhstan announced plans to issue a limited edition Visa Infinite Exclusive card made with pure gold, 26 diamonds and an inlaid mother of pearl, according to a press release posted on the bank’s website.

The bank also produced a video highlighting the card’s luxurious components.

A spokeswoman for the bank told ABC News it will cost $100,000 to obtain the gold card.  About $65,000 of that goes into minting the card itself (customers will receive a plastic version as well), and the remaining $35,000 will remain in the user’s account.  After the first year it will also carry a $2,000 a year fee.

But for all that, card holders can expect top tier perks, including life and health insurance worth over $250,000, lounge access at airports, concierge service, discounts at hotels and restaurants, car hire, and more.

“Visa Infinite Exclusive is more than a bank card: it opens its doors to the owners of exclusive services and privileges,” Galym Tabyldiev, the head of Visa in Kazakhstan, said in the Sberbank statement.

The bank will also provide cardholders a free iPhone 5 and a Montblanc card case.

The bank plans to issue only 100 gold cards, but the spokeswoman told ABC News they will only be available to residents of Kazakhstan who have an account at the bank.

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Man Arrested After Attacking Flight Attendant on Alitalia Jet

CHRISTOPHE SIMON/AFP/Getty Images (File)(ROME) -- A Kazakhstan citizen was taken into custody by Italian police after he allegedly attacked a flight attendant onboard an Alitalia flight on Sunday, and demanded that the plane land in Tripoli, Libya.

Authorities say the suspect, identified as 48-year-old Valery Tolmachev, used a knife to attack a female flight attendant on Alitalia Flight 329, which was headed from Paris to Rome. The suspect, who was described as being in an agitated state during the attack, was reportedly overpowered by other members of the flight crew and was arrested after the flight landed in Rome.

The flight attendant, who was attacked, reportedly suffered minor injuries.

A total of 131 people were reportedly onboard the flight. There were no other reports of injuries.

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