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Sentencing of Egyptian Police Officers Draws Criticism

Stockbyte/Thinkstock(CAIRO) -- The sentencing of two Egyptian police officers convicted for the beating death of Khaled Said, the 28-year-old man whose killing is said to have sparked the revolt in Egypt, has spurred more controversy, the New York Times reports.

An Alexandria court sentenced the two men to seven years in prison, drawing criticism from both the families of Said and the convicted officers, Mahmoud Salah and Awad Ismaeil.

Said's family and its supporters found the sentence to be too lenient, while relatives of Salah and Ismaeil tried to attack prosecutors in the courtroom after hearing the judgement, according to the New York Times.

Khaled Said died in June 2010 after, according to witnesses, police dragged him from an internet cafe in Alexandria and beat him, the Times reports.

Gamal Eid, a human rights lawyer, told the Times that it is rare for prison time to be handed down for police brutality. Still, the judge said the victim in this case had been treated cruelly.

Critics of the ruling, however, say that such a mild sentence won't suffice as a deterrent for future incidents.

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