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At Least 10 US Soldiers Injured in Afghan Grenade Attack

Spencer Platt/Getty Images(KUNDUZ, Afghanistan) -- At least 10 American soldiers were injured Sunday in a grenade attack during a protest on a military base in northern Afghanistan, according to NATO officials.

The grenade was thrown during a Kunduz City protest--one of two significant rallies that rattled the region Sunday.

Protesters gathered outside Kunduz City, where they attempted to storm the United Nations compound on Saturday. One demonstrator was killed when police fired into the crowd. A grenade was then thrown into a military base, injuring 10 American soldiers.

The second protest took place in nearby Samangan, where demonstrators blocked the main road to Kabul for six hours. At least one person was killed, according to reports.

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Afghanistan: Suicide Bomber Targets Army Recruiting Center

Department of Defense/Getty Images(KUNDUZ PROVINCE, Afghanistan) -- At least 33 people were killed and another 44 injured in a suicide attack that targeted an Afghan National Army recruitment center Monday in the northern Afghan province of Kunduz, officials said.

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Afghanistan: Motorcycle Bomb Kills Anti-Taliban Militia Commander

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(KABUL, Afghanistan) -- A bomb planted in a motorcycle in the northern Afghan province of Kunduz killed a local anti-Taliban militia commander and three of his fighters Saturday. The blast also killed 5 civilians and injured another 15, according to the district governor.

Kunduz has been the epicenter of the deterioration of northern Afghanistan over the last year or so, when the U.S. began shifting some of its Pakistan supply line through Tajikistan. Much of the province is dangerous to travel -- even for locals -- and the need for local communities to create anti-Taliban militias remains high.

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Bomb Blast In Afghanistan Kills Provincial Governor, Civilians

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(KABUL, Afghanistan) -- A bomb blast in northern Afghanistan killed 15 people Friday, including a provincial governor.  The explosion ripped though a crowded mosque during prayers, instantly killing Mohammad Omar, the governor of the key northern province of Kunduz.

Many U.S. supplies now travel through Kunduz, since the route through Pakistan has become less reliable.  But this new northern supply line has made the entire area more insecure.  As U.S. troops focus on fanning out across southern Afghanistan, it is more difficult for them to stop the Taliban from spreading in the north and killing governors and civilians every day.´╗┐

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