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Japanese Fugitive Tells All in New Book

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(TOKYO) -- A Japanese man who was charged with raping and murdering a British woman in 2007 is releasing a new book to reveal what he did as a fugitive for more than two years.

Japanese police arrested Tatsuya Ichihashi in 2009 -- two years after investigators found the body of Ichihashi's British English teacher, Lindsey Hawker, beaten in a bathtub filled with sand, on his balcony of his residence outside of Tokyo.  The arrest brought an end to a 2 year, 7 month search for the prime suspect in Hawker's murder, but it marked the beginning of speculation surrounding Ichihashi's years on the run.

Now, the 32-year-old at the center of the case is releasing a tell-all book revealing how he evaded capture for so long.  Ichihashi's book doesn't discuss his alleged crime, but it does reveal a desperate attempt to stay out of prison.  He talks about his train rides to the northern tip of Japan and ferry rides to a remote island in the Southern Okinawa prefecture.

He worked at a construction company to make money, and went to extreme lengths to disguise himself.  He cut his lower lip with scissors to thin it out, he used a knife to remove a mole from his face, he even sewed his own nose using needle and thread.  All of this was prior to seeing a plastic surgeon, who raised the bridge on his nose,  and cut double folds into his eyelids to give Ichihashi a "Western look."

The book Until I Was Arrested will be released Wednesday.  Royalties from sales will be donated to Hawker's family and charity.  Ichihashi's lawyers say it's a "sign of contrition" but Hawker's family says they're disgusted and hurt that publishers allowed the book's release.

Ichihashi's trial is expected to start later this year.

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