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Bahrain Violence Escalates After Military Crackdown

JOSEPH EID/AFP/Getty Images(MANAMA, Bahrain) -- The Sunni King of Bahrain ordered a military crackdown on Shi'ite protestors who recently retook the main square in the capital of Manama. The violent raid comes a day after the King declared a 3 month state of emergency that gave the military more authority to put down the month-long demonstrations.   

Soldiers and riot police launched an early morning assault on protestors camped out in Pearl Square. Witnesses say they covered the area in a blanket of tear gas and fired live ammunition on the crowd and into the air, driving everyone out.  Makeshift tents were reportedly lit on fire and at least six protestors were killed. The last one, medical officials say, died of gunshot wounds to his back. Two policeman also died and there are reports that at least 300 hundred have been wounded, the injured protestors streaming into the main hospital in Bahrain's capital.

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Protesters, Leaders Prepare for Negotiations in Bahrain

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(MANAMA, Bahrain) -- Crowds in Pearl Square have been small Sunday, as several hundred erected tents, chanted and made speeches - signs that the protesters are prepared to settle in for a long period of negotiations.

Bahrain's rulers seem prepared to settle in as well. After nearly a week of protests, the monarchy may be ready to negotiate with opposition leaders to scale down its near-absolute control.

Although tensions remain following deadly protests and clashes with riot police, streets in the island kingdom have been calmer as efforts shifted toward possible political compromise.

It remains unclear how long negotiations would last. Protesters have made clear that it will take significant change before they leave Pearl Square. Among their demands are a new constitution and either a direct election of government or a parliamentary system that would put the hands of the government in elected officials instead of the monarchy.
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