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Nurofen Plus Recalled in UK Due to 'Sabotaged' Packaging

Alan Weller/Bloomberg News(LONDON) -- A medicine mix up in Britain has pharmacists there scrambling.

Nurofen Plus is a commonly sold pain reliever in the UK.  But in three cases so far -- and there may be more out there -- the wrong tablets were put in the packs.  What consumers got instead, was Seroquel XL, a prescription only anti-psychotic used to treat things like schizophrenia and bipolar depression.

While the drug's manufacturer, Reckitt Benchiser, maintains it does not know how the pills were switched, some theorize the company may have been deliberately targeted because it tests some products on animals, according to The Daily Mail.  Nurofen Plus is not tested on animals, however.

Drug stores are pulling stocks from their shelves and consumers are advised to check their packs of Nurofen Plus and return any questionable packs to the pharmacy where they were purchased.

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