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Saudi National, Gitmo Detainee Charged in 2002 Terror Attack

John Moore/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- The Department of Defense has sworn charges against Guantanamo detainee Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed Haza al Darbi for conspiracy and acts of terrorism.  The charges represent the first step in the process towards a military commission.  

Al Darbi, a Saudi Arabian national, is charged with participating in the 2002 terror plot against a French oil tanker in the Gulf of Aden.   The charges allege that al Darbi "joined a terrorist conspiracy with al Qaeda" prior to 1997 and trained at al Qaeda's Jihad Wahl camp in Afghanistan before participating in the 2002 terror plot on the MV Limburg oil tanker.  The attack on the vessel "severely injured multiple civilians and caused a large oil spill in the Gulf of Aden," the DOD said in a statement.

He now becomes the seventh detainee recommended for trial through the Military Commissions process.

If convicted, al Darbi faces a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

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