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School Protests Fill London Streets

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(LONDON) -- The streets around the headquarter's of Britain's Tory Party were filled Wednesday with thousands of students, teachers and their supporters, who are protesting the government's plan to raise tuition fees.  Millbank Tower, the Tory headquarters, was evacuated as the crowd surged around the building. Windows were smashed and a bonfire flared up outside the building.

This is the biggest protest so far since the Tory/Liberal Democrat coalition government budget was announced last month.  The left-leaning Liberal Democrats had campaigned on a promise not to raise school fees and now find themselves aligned with the Tories pushing for an increase.

Other budget items are prompting anger, including rail cuts, which led to last week's virtual shutdown of the London Underground.  In a letter to the Times of London Wednesday, retired admirals opposed plans to scrap the United Kingdom's only aircraft carrier and its fleet of Harrier jets.

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