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Ten Afghan Girls Killed in Blast; Two Injured

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(KABUL, Afghanistan) -- At least 10 girls were killed and two others injured in an explosion in eastern Afghanistan on Monday.

The girls were collecting firewood in Nangarhar province when they hit a land mine, according to the spokesperson for the province's governor.  It is not clear if the mine was old or had been recently planted.

The girls belong to different families living close by in the area.

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Trapped New Zealand Miners: Rescuers Still Unable to Enter Mine

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(GREYMOUTH, New Zealand) -- It's still too dangerous for rescuers to try to reach 29 missing miners in New Zealand.

The New Zealand Herald reports that gas levels inside the mine are trending down, but continue to fluctuate. Testing will indicate whether it's safe for rescue teams to enter the mine. Experts fear high levels of gas could trigger another explosion.

The miners -- who have yet to be heard from -- have been trapped since Friday.

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Dozens of Miners Unaccounted for After Mine Blast in New Zealand

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(ATARAU, New Zealand) -- An explosion at a coal mine near Greymouth, New Zealand on Friday has left several dozen miners unaccounted for.

The blast ripped through Pike River Coal Processing Plant in the country's western town of Atarau.  According to Gerry Brownlee, New Zealand's Energy and Resources Minister, two miners were able to walk out but about 27 miners are believed to still be inside the mine.

Brownlee says the two miners that made it safely out "were working much further forward in this mine than the rest of them."  The pair made it out unaided.  They are being treated at a nearby hospital.

A rescue team has assembled on site.  "We have a group known as the West Coast Mine Rescue Team who have assembled to assess what the requirements might be to go into the mine and effect a rescue," Brownlee says.  "At this state, we're trying to stay our of their way.  They are the experts."

Barbara Dunn, the communications manager for the Tasman district of New Zealand, says conditions on site might complicate the rescue effort.  "There's a lot of dust and possibly gas, so they need to be checking for that," she says.

Dunn says that power went out at the mine and when an electrician went in to see what happened, "he discovered a loader driver had been blown off his machine from an explosion."

Brownlee adds that "a little bit of smoke is leaking out of the breather shaft."

The cause of the blast has not yet been determined.

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Rescued Miner Preps For NYC Marathon

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(NEW YORK) -- Rescued Chilean miner Edison Pena arrived in New York City Thursday to run in this weekend's marathon. The 34-year old was nicknamed "the runner" for famously jogging up to six miles for over two months underground every day while trapped in the San Jose mine.

Speaking to reporters, Pena said through a translator that he was delighted to be invited to participate in the sports event. "I was very eager to take on this huge challenge of the New York marathon. I wanted to show the world that I could run it and that yes we can."

In addition to his visit to New York City, Pena was also invited to visit Graceland and Las Vegas.

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