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Skies Clear for Obama's Arrival in Indonesia

Photo Courtesy - The White House/Pete Souza(JAKARTA, Indonesia) -- President Obama will not have to disappoint his Indonesian hosts a third time.

Jakarta airport officials say Monday morning the skies have cleared of volcanic ash which forced the cancellation of some commercial flights.  White House spokesman Robert Gibbs says, “We are continuing to monitor, but we are proceeding with plans to depart for Indonesia [Tuesday].”

Monday morning's air traffic is reported normal, and security helicopters have been seen flying over the capital Jakarta, presumably in preparation for Obama's arrival Tuesday.  Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has been working from a mountain outpost near the active volcano Mt. Merapi, whose recent eruptions have killed at least 118 people, but is expected to helicopter back to Jakarta to welcome the American president.

Mr. Obama, who lived in Indonesia as a child, twice canceled planned visits earlier this year because of pressing issues back in Washington.´╗┐

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Air Travel Disrupted as Volcano Continues to Spew Ash

Photo Courtesy - CLARA PRIMA/AFP/Getty Images(JAKARTA, Indonesia) --  Singapore and Malaysia airlines have temporarily canceled flights into Jakarta, Indonesia because of the continuing eruptions of the Mount Merapi volcano.

At least 118 people have been killed by the eruptions, which have been on-again, off-again for more than a week.

Tens of thousands who fled their homes are crowded in shelters.

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Indonesian Volcano Spews Ash

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(JAKARTA, Indonesia) -- Indonesia's Mt. Merapi ended its temporary lull, spewing hot ash into the sky and down over the surrounding area.  The volcano has killed at least 38 people in its latest eruption, which began on Tuesday.

Sunday's activity caught many off guard.  Some of the 50,000 people who had evacuated the area around Mt. Merapi had returned to survey the damage. 

Indonesia is struggling to recover from a tsunami sparked by a 7.7 magnitude earthquake that killed an estimated 450 people in some of the remote islands.  It sits on the Pacific Ring of Fire, where a series of faultlines makes the earth prone to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. 

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