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US Embassy Warns of Terror Threat in Kenya

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(WASHINGTON) -- Terrorists are believed to be in the final stage of planning an attack in Nairobi, Kenya. That's the new warning from the U.S. government, which is asking citizens there to be on full alert.  

Authorities say the potential attack is targeted at prominent government buildings and hotels frequented by foreigners.  

Since Kenya sent troops into neighboring Somalia last year to go after Al-Shabab militants, there have been several grenade attacks targeting mainly local Kenyans at bus stops, bars and restaurants.

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US Says Terrorist Attack Against Americans in Kenya is 'Imminent'

U.S. State DepartmentUPDATE: At least one person was killed and approximately 10 were injured after someone tossed a grenade at a bus station in Nairobi, the Kenyan Red Cross said Monday. The attack comes less than 24 hours after a grenade attack targeted a bar in the country’s capital city.

(NAIROBI, Kenya) -- Americans in Nairobi, Kenya have been warned of an imminent terrorist attack, most likely by al-Shabaab, an al Qaeda-linked group based in Somalia.

According to the U.S. Embassy, al-Shabaab may be seeking retaliation after Kenyan troops were recently sent over the border to battle Islamic militants.

Embassy officials said that foreigners should stay away from malls and nightclubs where security is generally lax.  In addition, Americans are advised to skip travel to Kenya for the time being.

Al-Shabaab, which is trying to impose its own form of strict Sharia law on Somalia, is being blamed by Kenya for the abductions of foreign tourists and aid workers.  The group has mainly stayed within Somalia although it did launch two deadly attacks on restaurants in Uganda that killed 74 people in July 2010.

Meanwhile, a grenade attack that wounded 13 people in a nightclub early Monday morning did not appear related to the threat from al-Shabaab.

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Rowdy British Airways Crews Could Lead to Cancelled Route

Mike Wilkinson/Bloomberg via Getty Images(LONDON) -- Some British Airways crew members seem to party too hearty on the road, and that could affect the airline's bottom line.

In the worst-case scenario, British Airways may have to cut its route to Nairobi, which brings in millions of dollars to the airline annually, because of complaints about cabin crew holding rowdy parties in five-star hotels, according to The Daily Mail. According to the newspaper, some crew member even went topless in the hotel pool.

Captains have been warned to reign in their teams on overnight stops after reports of wild, alcohol-fueled behavior around the pool.

A British Airways internal memo suggests the problem behavior may be caused by "mixed fleets" made up of young recruits aged 18-20, The Daily Mail reports.

In the airline's memo, a manager says the contract between British Airways and its crew hotel in Nairobi may be in jeopardy if the bad behavior continues.

"Should they choose to terminate our contract, or elect not to renew it later this year, the route will become financial unviable," the memo says, according to The Daily Mail.

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