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Bahrain to Ban Parents from Choosing 'Improper' Names for Newborns

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(DUBAI) -- Members of the Shura Council in Bahrain have voted to amend its child protection law to state that parents could be banned from giving their newborns names found to be "unacceptable" by the government, according to Gulf Daily.  Officials say the law is meant to protect the rights of children who would be ridiculed for having an "improper" name and claim that children would also suffer psychological strain from such names.

Under the new law, Bahraini parents would be required to register their newborn's name with the government.  When the government finds that the child's name is not contradictory to religions or will not cause psychological problems for the child, it will issue a birth certificate stating that the name has been accepted.

The council has not yet discussed whether parents would be sanctioned for choosing names deemed unacceptable or if Bahraini children can make claims against their parents if they are unhappy with their given name, Gulf Daily said.

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