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Italian Man, 99, Divorcing Wife of 77 Years Over 60-Year-Old Affair

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(NAPLES, Italy) -- This year has been filled with its share of sudden and surprising divorces in the entertainment and political world, but this split may take the cake.

A 99-year-old Italian man filed for divorce from his 96-year-old wife of 77 years after he found letters from an affair she had 60 years ago.

The man, identified in court papers as Antonio C., discovered the letters exchanged between his wife and a former flame in an old chest of drawers days before Christmas, according to the Telegraph. He confronted his wife, Rosa C., who reportedly admitted to the affair, and tried to convince him to stick with their marriage.

But despite the nearly eight decades that they spent building a life together, a scorned Antonio C., moved ahead with the divorce. The letters were the latest woes in the couple’s long marriage during which they had five kids, 12 grandchildren and one great-grandchild together, according to UPI.

Originally from Sardinia, Antonio C. reportedly met Rosa C. in the 1930s while he served as part of the Italian Carabinieri in her native Naples. The Italian press pointed to the couple’s southern blood as the catalyst for the breakup, the Telegraph noted.

Once Antonio and Rosa C.’s divorce is finalized, they will become the oldest divorcees, according to the Telegraph, taking the title from fellow Brits Bertie and Jessie Wood, both aged 98, who called it quits in 2009 after 36 years of marriage.

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Italian Mayor Wants Ban on Scanty Clothes

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(NAPLES, Italy) -- The mayor of a seaside town in the Naples area of Southern Italy has shot to national fame after announcing that he would ban what he deems anti-social behavior to raise standards of public decency.

If the regulations are approved at Monday's city council meeting in Castellammare di Stabia, local police will be forced to fine anyone in town wearing revealing clothes, such as mini-skirts, low-cut jeans and deep-plunging blouses.

The new regulations consist of 41 points that also include a ban on using obscene language, playing soccer in public parks, sunbathing or men going bare-chested in public areas, and purchasing alcohol after 10 p.m.  Proposed fines go from about $35 to $700.

Mayor Luigi Bobbio of the governing center-right People of Freedom Party, a former magistrate who says he is neither a "moralist or an authoritarian," said the regulations would help "restore urban decorum and facilitate better civil co-existence" and put a stop to "rowdy, unruly or simply bad behavior."

Many women in the town were furious, with one asking, "So are we meant to call the mayor each morning before we leave home to check that he approves our clothing?"

"Just who exactly will decide what is too revealing? Decorum is a personal opinion," another said.

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