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EgyptAir Plane Diverted to Scotland After Note Found On Board

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(PRESTWICK, Scotland) -- An Egypt Air flight bound for New York City had to make an emergency landing in Scotland after a passenger found a note in the bathroom saying that a passenger planned to set fire to the plane.

BBC News reports that a BBC producer was on the plane and found a note in the plane's toilet that read "I'll set this plane on fire." The note also contained a seat number – seat 46D. The producer immediately alerted the cabin crew, and the flight was escorted by a Royal Air Force interceptor to Glasgow Prestwick Airport in Scotland.

The plane’s 326 passengers were initially kept on board while authorities worked to determine the credibility of the threat. A SWAT team surrounded the aircraft with their guns drawn while bomb experts conducted a search before removing each passenger from the plane one-by-one.

Glasgow Prestwick Airport remained open during the incident.

Police officers tell ABC News that they are continuing to investigate the circumstances of the incident which they are treating as a criminal offense rather than a terrorist related one. All of the passengers who were on the flight were interviewed but police have not been able to determine who was responsible for this note yet or if it was a hoax.

The flight landed at its final destination, New York City’s JFK Airport, on Sunday morning, a full 14 hours late.

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Bomb Found at Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt

FRANK RUMPENHORST/AFP/Getty Images(FRANKFURT, Germany) -- An investigation is underway into a bomb addressed to Deutsche Bank CEO Josef Ackermann and found in the mailroom of the German bank's Frankfurt headquarters.

As a result of the confirmed threat to the 63-year-old Swiss banker, New York City police stepped up security at the bank's U.S. headquarters in New York.

Ackerman is one of Europe's most powerful bankers and is a key advisor in the European Union debt crisis to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. He has played an important role in the efforts to reduce Greece's debt.

Recently, the bank's Munich offices were searched by prosecutors investigating suspicions that Ackermann and other former top executives gave false testimony in an ongoing civil suit.

It was not immediately clear whether his role in managing the debt crisis or some other grievance had triggered the delivery of the bomb. It was discovered by a mailroom x-ray machine and it did not explode.

In New York City, 10,000 security officials who take part in the NYPD Shield program were advised by that police unit of the attempted attack at the German bank and reminded to alert their mail rooms to proper procedures for handling suspicious packages.

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