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Shoplifter Busted for Stuffing Widescreen TV in Dress

Hemera/Thinkstock(LONDON) -- A 31-year-old woman was arrested in Norway late last week for walking out of an electronics store with a 42-inch TV between her legs.

The Daily Mail
reports the woman and her boyfriend were both arrested as she was observed hobbling to a bus stop after secreting the $3,000 TV under her skirt.

The brazen-but-not-too-bright crime has earned the unidentified suspect the moniker "thunder thighs" by a Norwegian radio station, and has sparked dares of other women attempting the same feat -- though cops say no copycat crimes have been reported.  

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No Joke: 5,000 Ducks Cross the Road in China

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(TAIZHOU, China) -- What do you get when 5,000 ducks cross the road? In China, not the end of a joke, but a real-life quack of a traffic jam.

Traffic in the Chinese city of Taizhou, nearly 200 miles from Shanghai, was brought to a halt by a farmer who decided his flock of ducks needed a break in a nearby pond.

The catch?  The farmer had 5,000 ducks and only a single cane to guide his waddling friends the nearly one-mile walk from their home to the water.

All cars and pedestrians came to a halt to avoid an accident and take in the spectacle, which happens quite often, according to the U.K.’s The Sun.

Nonetheless, the farmer proudly reports he hasn’t lost a duck yet.

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Obese Dead Woman’s Body Fat Causes Crematorium Blaze

Stockbyte/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Investigators say a fire that nearly destroyed an Austrian crematorium began when the excessive body fat of an obese dead woman clogged the facility’s air filters, causing overheating that resulted in the blaze.

Officials determined that the fire, which occurred mid-April at a crematorium in the city of Graz, was caused by the burning corpse of the 440-pound woman.  The body was being cremated when the blaze began, the Daily Mail reported.

Firefighters who were combating the blaze had their protective clothing covered in a layer of greasy soot, the newspaper also said.

“Crematorium officials need to be more responsible and not just automatically put everybody in to be cremated,” Graz-based fireman Otto Widetschek said, according to the paper.

Similar fires caused by the cremation of obese bodies have been reported in Switzerland. That country apparently has special extra-large facilities to handle the cremation of obese bodies, Widetschek said.

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Brazilian Left Green After ‘Hulk’ Paint Fails to Wash Off

ABC News(NEW YORK) – A Brazilian man who tried to transform himself into the superhero “The Hulk” made a major mistake.

Instead of using easy to remove body paint, the man, Paulo Henrique dos Santos, used a paint reserved for ballistic missiles and nuclear submarines.

The result?  Dozens of baths, a trip to the doctor, fears of lead poisoning and a level of fame in his local Brazilian town, according to the Brazilian news site

The site reports that dos Santos, a 35-year-old pool attendant from Vila Cruzeiro, painted himself green to go in character as Hulk for a local running event.  Long after the run was over, however, the green stain remained.

Dos Santos took more than 20 baths and enlisted the help of family, including his mom, and friends to try to scrub him clean.  In order to sleep he had to rest in bed on plastic-lined sheets to avoid staining anything else in his reach, according to reports.

Dos Santos, the site says, became concerned that he was being poisoned by the paint but, after 24 hours and too much scrubbing to count, the paint finally came off.

The UK’s Daily Mail reports that, in addition to his pool duties, dos Santos moonlights as a disc jockey.  The paper also reports that, not surprisingly for someone who would dress up as a green superhero begin with, dos Santos enjoyed the attention, including the mobs of children who followed him in the streets.

“I turned [into] a kind of celebrity,” he said.

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Polish Village Enacts Unique Punishment on Speedy Driver

Antenna Audio, Inc. /Getty Images(LONDON) -- Villagers in Poland, annoyed by the reckless antics of a speedy driver, concocted their own unique style of revenge to teach the 24-year-old driver a lesson.

Forgoing the typical method of leaving a note or, perhaps, speaking to the driver directly, residents of Lubczyna, Poland, instead placed the driver's car atop a tree.

U.K. newspaper The Mirror reports that when the driver, Zbigniew Filo, walked out the door to take his white Ford Escort for a drive, he found it instead hoisted to the top of a willow tree.

"We received a call from a man saying his car was stuck in a tree, and that his neighbors had put it there," a police spokesman told the Mirror.

Filo had reportedly been driving his Escort recklessly throughout the village for months, and without a driver's license, so villagers decided to take action.

"Perhaps he'll think twice about his hair-raising driving and about getting a license or who knows where his next car might end up?" one neighbor told the paper.

The villagers are staying mum about who among them actually carried out the prank other than saying that it took a mobile crane to get the car to the top of the tree.

Filo, whose car was returned to him after he promised to drive more carefully, admitted the lesson was learned.

"I get the message, but I think it was a bit harsh," he said, according to the Mirror.

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Argentina: Grieving Parents Find Baby Alive in Morgue

ABC News(NEW YORK) -- Five doctors at Perrando Hospital in northern Argentina have been suspended for declaring a baby stillborn, nailing her inside a coffin and placing her in a refrigerated room at the hospital morgue for 12 hours, Argentine media reported.

The child, who was named Luz Milagros, or "Light Miracle," was found inside a coffin at the hospital in Chacho, a half day after her April 3 birth.

"We were told that the baby had hypothermia and that this may have weakened her heartbeat, which would have been accentuated because [her] heart rate was already low before birth," the baby's father, Fabian Veron, 31, told local newspaper Clarín.

The baby's mother, Analia Bouter, 29, who has four boys, said she never had a chance to say goodbye to her first daughter, since she'd been sedated during the birth, which came three months premature.

The grieving mother and father visited the hospital morgue 12 hours later. The couple was led into a refrigerated room and shown a tiny coffin that was nailed shut.

"[My husband] used a lever and opened the coffin," Bouter told the local newspaper, Diario, in Chaco.

The mother, expecting to find closure, instead came face-to-face with her daughter, who was wrapped in a white blanket and looked as though she was just waking up, said the mother. The baby stretched and let out a cry.

The mother of five said she fell to her knees.

"This is a message ... a miracle," she told Diario.

Rafael Sabatinelli, the undersecretary of health for Argentina's Chaco province, told the news site Chaco Día Por Día that his office had opened an investigation into the matter.

"Every member of the team that was involved has some responsibility, so they will have to answer for this," he said.

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Swedish Woman Harvests Lost Wedding Ring on a Carrot

File photo. (Hemera/Thinkstock)(STOCKHOLM, Sweden) -- A Swedish woman got the surprise of a lifetime when she pulled a small carrot out of her garden at home. Fit snugly around the carrot was the wedding ring she had lost 16 years ago.

Lena Paahlsson told the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter that she “had given up hope” that she would ever find the ring she had lost in 1995, according to the BBC.  

The ring, a white gold band with seven small diamonds, had been designed by Paahlsson herself.  She had been doing some Christmas baking with her daughters when the ring disappeared so many years ago, the BBC reports.

The family looked everywhere and eventually even had the kitchen floor pulled up during renovations in the hope of finding the ring.

It wasn’t until recently, while Paahlsson was gardening at her farm in central Sweden, that she found the long-lost ring around a carrot.

“The carrot was sprouting in the middle of the ring. It was quite incredible,” Paahlsson’s husband, Ola Paahlsson, told the paper.

The couple believes the ring could have been lost in vegetable peelings that were turned into compost, according to the BBC. The ring no longer fits Paahlsson, but she is planning to have it resized.

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Cameraman Falls Off Segway in Front of Thousands of Fans

WILLIAM WEST/AFP/Getty Images(MELBOURNE, Australia) -- An Australian cameraman unwittingly became the center of attention and put himself in front of the camera Monday when he fell off a Segway scooter while filming a cricket match in his home country.

Joe Previtera was cruising along the field filming the Boxing Day match between the Australian and Indian cricket teams for Australian Channel 9 when he failed to notice a spare helmet in his path. When he hit the helmet head-on, both he and the Segway promptly tumbled over, camera gear and all.

While the fall was dramatic, luckily for Previtera, he suffered no injuries more severe than a red face. “I am a bit embarrassed but fine,” he told the UK’s Daily Mail.

Previtera’s tumble occurred not just in front of the players he was there to film, but also in plain sight of the 52,858 fans gathered at the Melbourne Cricket Ground for the game, and the millions watching it on TV around the world.

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Swedish Police Follow Snow Imprints to Christmas Tree Thieves

Flickr Open/Getty Images(STOCKHOLM, Sweden) -- It wasn't too difficult for police in Sweden to track down two people who stole Christmas trees from a seller in the European country.

According to Swedish reports, police say someone told them that a man and a woman were nosing around a tarpaulin under which the seller was keeping trees.

The two dragged away three trees, but police noticed the tree's imprints in the snow and followed the tracks straight to the thieves.

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Man Gets Finger Bitten Off in Nativity Feud

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(LONDON) -- A 39-year-old man has been arrested in South Tyneside in the U.K. for biting off the finger of another man moments before a school nativity play, reports BBC News.

None of the school children saw the fight, which broke out after a long-standing feud between two parents who ran into each other at their kids' performance.

A witness told The Sun, "The two men started to fight in front of all the mums and dads. One bit the finger off the other and spat the blood out."

The 32-year old victim was later taken to the hospital to have his digit re-attached. The school has confirmed that there was no risk to its pupils.

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