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Roadside Bomb in Helmand Kills 15 Civilians, Bombing in Kandahar

Image Courtesy - Defense Department/Getty Images(HELMAND PROVINCE, Afghanistan) -- Fifteen Afghan civilians were reportedly killed in a roadside bombing Friday as they traveled together to a bazaar.  Local officials told the BBC they were all riding in a pickup truck when it rolled over a bomb, possibly intended for U.S. troops fighting against the Taliban in the area.

Four people were hurt in the blast in the remote village of Khan Neshin.  Daoud Ahmadi, a spokesman for the provincial governor in the notoriously violent Helmand Province, told the BBC the Taliban insurgents were to blame for the deadly bombing.

Saturday in Kandahar, a bombing at the police station injured at least six people and blew out the windows of buildings up to a mile away.   There are reports that in the northern province of Kunduz, five Afghan soldiers and nine civilians were hurt in a Taliban attack on an army checkpoint. 

There is a dispute over the deaths of seven Afghans Saturday in eastern Paktika Province, which borders Pakistan.  Local officials say troops from the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) killed construction workers while ISAF says the seven killed were insurgents who targeted ISAF troops who were investigating a suspicious compound.

A protest outside the Paktika governor's office over the incident turned violent and police were called in.  Six people were hurt, including two police officers.

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Suicide Bombing in Afghanistan's Paktika Province Targets Police

Image Courtesy - ABC News(KABUL, Afghanistan) -- Afghan officials say two suicide bombers struck the police headquarters for Paktika Province in southeastern Afghanistan on Saturday. 

At least 12 policemen were killed and 16 were wounded.  Saturday's attack took place inside the police compound, with one bomber detonating inside the building and one just outside the entrance.   The two bombers were dressed as police officers and reportedly entered the headquarters about 20 minutes apart.  They had to pass three roadside security checkpoints to do so. 

A Taliban spokesman says its fighters carried out the attack in the province which borders Pakistan. 

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78 Taliban Killed in Failed Attack on US Base in Afghanistan

Photo Courtesy - Defense Department(KABUL, Afghanistan) -- The U.S. military says 78 Taliban fighters died in a failed attack on a U.S. base in the Paktika province of Afghanistan on Saturday.  Afghan and coalition forces are searching four areas around Margah Combat Outpost in the Bermel region of the province, where there was direct fire and helicopter attacks as insurgents tried unsuccessfully to surround and overrun the base.

The military has confirmed the deaths of 38 insurgents; another estimated 40 deaths have yet to be confirmed.  Two insurgents were taken captive and are being questioned.  Five coalition troops were injured, but all continued to fight.

“The fact the insurgents left both their dead and wounded laying there on the battlefield is significant,” said U.S. Army Major General John F. Campbell, commanding general for NATO’s Regional Command-East. “We had multiple indicators an attack like this was going to happen in that area in an attempt to gain victory before the end of the fighting season, and our combined Afghan and coalition forces were ready for them.”

U.S. Army Brigadier General Stephen Townsend, deputy commanding general for operations said,  “Not only did the Soldiers and Afghan Border Policemen warn of the attack, they also disrupted it for approximately 20 minutes allowing the main defense to decisively respond. Once their mission was complete, they repositioned to reinforce the main defense.”

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