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Canadian Couple Has New Year's Babies Back-to-Back 

Stockbyte/Thinkstock(MEDICINE HAT, Alberta) -- Bobbi Jo and Kurtis Ketcheson of Alberta, Canada had back-to-back New Year's babies. Their son Jack was born on Jan. 1, 2011 and was the first baby of the past year in the town of Regina.

Their newest addition, a daughter named Grace Olivia, was born at Medicine Hat Regional Hospital on Jan. 1, 2012. Grace was born at 12:46 a.m. on Sunday, becoming the first baby of the New Year at that hospital.  She arrived 365 days and four minutes after older brother, Jack. Both were premature babies and weren’t expected until February of their respective years.

Bobbi Jo Ketcheson had been asked to sign a consent form for an emergency C-section, but the baby didn't cooperate. Ketcheson tells, she shouted, "I don't have time for a C-section. Somebody lift up the blanket and catch. She was born right there on the operating table." The couple has a total of four children.

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Man Gets Finger Bitten Off in Nativity Feud

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(LONDON) -- A 39-year-old man has been arrested in South Tyneside in the U.K. for biting off the finger of another man moments before a school nativity play, reports BBC News.

None of the school children saw the fight, which broke out after a long-standing feud between two parents who ran into each other at their kids' performance.

A witness told The Sun, "The two men started to fight in front of all the mums and dads. One bit the finger off the other and spat the blood out."

The 32-year old victim was later taken to the hospital to have his digit re-attached. The school has confirmed that there was no risk to its pupils.

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Russia: Girls Switched at Birth Want to Stay with Wrong Moms

Yuliya Belyaeva, left, speaks with Irina and her biological father Naimat in Kopeisk. (Valery Zvonarev/AFP/Getty Images)(KOPEISK, Russia) -- A pair of 12-year-old girls who discovered they were accidentally switched at birth want to stay with the mothers who have been raising them rather than go to their real parents.

The girls have grown up just a few miles away from each other in the town of Kopeisk in the Ural Mountains of eastern Russia.

Their mothers gave birth in the same maternity ward just 15 minutes apart in 1999, and their infant daughters were inadvertently given the wrong name tags.

Their true identities were revealed after the ex-husband of Yuliya Belyaeva, one of the mothers, refused to pay for child care because his daughter, Irina, looked nothing like him. After conducting several DNA tests it emerged that neither adult was Irina's biological parent.

"The judge couldn't believe it," Belyaeva told the BBC. "She said she'd only seen cases like this on TV and didn't know what to advise us."

The DNA tests sent Belyaeva on a search for her own daughter. She remembered that when she was giving birth, another woman was also in labor in the same ward. She suspected that the maternity ward had mixed up their daughters.

"I made a photocopy of the DNA test results and went straight to the prosecutor's office. There I lodged an official complaint about being given the wrong baby in the maternity hospital," Yuliya said.

Yuliya finally took her search to the local police who managed to trace her biological daughter living just a few miles away with Irina's natural parents.

"It was true," Yuliya remembered. "Their daughter, Anya, was blonde and looked just like me and my ex-husband. And our daughter was dark-skinned and had dark hair and looked like the other father. He's a Tajik, and she looked just like him."

"Suddenly my whole world turned upside down and inside out,'' she recalled.

While the girls admit that they were happy to have found each other, neither one wants to leave the family they grew up with even though they are not their biological parents.

While both families are getting to know each other and are becoming closer, they're suing the hospital and demanding almost $160,000 in damages.

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