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NTSB to Investigate Cargo Plane Crash at US Base in Afghanistan

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(BAGRAM, Afghanistan) -- Officials from the Afghan Ministry of Transport held a news conference Monday morning and offered an update on the Boeing 747 cargo plane that crashed dramatically at Bagram Air Base on April 29.

The black box from the plane will be taken to the United States by a team from the National Transportation Safety Board. Preliminary information leads officials to believe that the crash may have been caused by a shift in weight of the plane's cargo.

According to Mohammad Afzal Ramzi, a representative of the Ministry of Transport, the last word heard on the black box was either "wait" or "weight." Authorities will have to determine which word the pilot was saying.

Most of the parts found at the site of the crash were burned, while some of the parts that hold cargo in place, including chains and buckles, were broken. At the time of the crash, the plane had been carrying five mine-resistant ambush protected (MRAP) vehicles along with other heavy military equipment.

The investigation could take a year before an official cause is connected to the crash.

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Lion Air Jet Crashes into Sea In Bali

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(BALI, Indonesia) -- An airplane that crashed into the sea Saturday morning of the Indonesian island of Bali snapped into two pieces from the impact.

The plane was carrying over 100 passengers and at least seven crew members, all of whom survived the crash of the Lion Air flight. According to the Wall Street Journal, the airplane overshot the runway and ended up crashing into shallow water.

According to a Lion Air spokesman, the plane and pilot were both fit to fly. The cause of the crash has yet to be determined.

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Vittorio Missoni's Son Says Plane Crash Scenario 'Least Plausible'

Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images(CARACAS, Venezuela) -- The son of Italian fashion mogul Vittorio Missoni says a plane crash is the "least plausible" explanation for his father's disappearance off the coast of Venezuela, hinting that he might have been kidnapped.

Venezuelan authorities have been searching since the twin-engine plane was lost last Friday near the resort islands of Los Roques.  On board were Missoni, three other Italians -- including his wife -- and two Venezuelan crew members.

Missoni's oldest son, Ottavio, told Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera on Wednesday, "A plane cannot vanish in this way, on a short route, without leaving any trace.  I remain convinced that the least plausible reason is that they crashed into the water."

His opinion is based on a mysterious text message apparently sent from the cellphone of Guido Forsti, who was on the plane, to Forsti's son more than 48 hours after it disappeared.

Ottavio told the newspaper the text message read, "Call now. We are reachable."

He said he has even reached out to his father's potential enemies in search of any explanation.

Venezuelan officials said more than 400 people in boats, planes and helicopters searched Wednesday for a sixth day without success.  No wreckage or debris has been found and Venezuelans will suspend the search after Thursday.  An Italian team that assisted in search efforts last year with the Costa Concordia shipwreck is set to arrive in Venezuela later Thursday to help.

"It's really hard to believe the airplane isn't in the water," John Nance, ABC News' aviation analyst, said.  "By the same token, unless you find wreckage, there's no proof it hasn't flown off someplace else.  But I find that hard to believe."

Corriere Della Sera published the last known image of Missoni, 58, and his friends moments before they boarded the plane in Los Roques last Friday, bound for Caracas.

Thirty minutes after takeoff, the plane vanished into the Caribbean, leaving the tight-knit Missoni clan anxiously waiting for answers.

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Four Dead in Crash Landing at Moscow Airport

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(MOSCOW) -- A Russian-made passenger plane crashed upon landing at Moscow’s Vnukovo airport on Saturday, killing at least four people, according to Russia’s Interior Ministry.

The plane, owned and operated by the discount carrier Red Wings, had reportedly just flown in from the Czech Republic.

Russian news reports offer differing accounts, with some saying the plane was flying in for repairs and others that it had just dropped off passengers and was flying back.

The plane was carrying between eight to 12 people, according to differing Russian news reports. All were reportedly crew members. The pilot and co-pilot were among the dead, according to the Interfax news agency. Several others on board were also reportedly seriously injured.

The TU-204 plane was reportedly on its second landing attempt around 4:35 p.m. local time, when it overshot the runway and skidded up to the edge of a major highway. There it broke into three big pieces and caught fire.

According to, a statement from the Parbudice airport in the Czech Republic where the plane took off, said the plane had been properly inspected prior to takeoff and no problems were found.

All air traffic for Vnukovo airport has been diverted to Moscow’s Sheremedevo airport.

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Mexican-American Singer Jenni Rivera Feared Dead in Plane Crash

Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Multiple reports, including one from Gerardo Ruiz Esparza, Mexico's secretary of communications and transports, confirmed on Sunday that the remains of the private jet carrying popular Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera have been found, with no survivors.  Rivera, 43, was one of seven people on the jet.

Rivera's father, Pedro, confirmed the news of his daughter's apparent passing to reporters stationed outside his home in Lakewood, Calif., where several family members had gathered, including Rivera's mother, Rosa, and her eldest daughter, Chiquis.

Rivera's father reportedly received the news via telephone from his son, singer Lupillo Rivera, who was in Mexico at the time of the jet's disappearance.

"This is the first tragedy of this kind that we suffer as a family," Rivera's father told reporters Sunday evening.  "I hope people remember her as she was -- someone who was straight with the world."

Mexican officials earlier confirmed the disappearance of the private jet carrying Rivera, which took off from the northern Mexican city of Monterrey at 3:15 a.m. local time on Sunday and fell off the radar 10 minutes, or 62 miles, after takeoff.

The Learjet 25 jet is believed to have been carrying five passengers and two pilots.  It was headed for Toluca International Airport, located outside of Mexico City, where it was scheduled to arrive at 4:40 a.m.  An official search for the jet was initiated at sunrise.

Rivera's publicist, Arturo Rivera, and her makeup artist, Jacob Yebale, are believed to have been on the flight.

Rivera was due in Toluca Sunday evening for the taping of a Mexican TV show, which was cancelled due to Rivera's disappearance.

Known as "La Diva de la Banda," Rivera had a groundbreaking career in regional Mexican music, selling some 15 million records.  Her reality show on mun2, I Love Jenni, is one of the network's highest-rated shows.

Rivera made her film debut at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival in the indie family drama Filly Brown, due in theaters in January.  She was set to work on the Mexican edition of The Voice.

The Long Beach, Calif.-born singer's personal life has often called for as much attention as her career.  A mother of five, Rivera had filed for divorce from former baseball player Esteban Loaiza in October after two years of marriage, citing "irreconcilable differences."

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Private Jet Crashes in Southern France; Three Americans Killed

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(MARSEILLE, France) -- Three American crewmembers were killed when a private jet carrying six people crashed in southern France on Friday, ABC News has confirmed.

An air safety official, speaking to French news agency AFP, on the condition of anonymity, said the plane departed from Nice and crashed upon landing at Castellet airport.

A second official told the AFP that the plane broke in half, and part of it caught fire.

The cause of the crash was not immediately clear.

Those killed in Friday’s crash have not been formally identified.

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Indonesian Air Force Plane Crashes into Jakarta Homes

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(JAKARTA, Indonesia) -- An Indonesian air force plane with seven people onboard crashed into a residential area in Jakarta on Thursday, causing several houses to go up in flames, the BBC reports.

According to officials, victims have been taken to nearby hospitals, but it is unclear how many were injured or killed.

The Fokker F-27 was on a routine training flight at the time of the crash.

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More Than 150 Feared Dead in Nigerian Plane Crash

EMMANUEL AREWA/AFP/GettyImages(LAGOS, Nigeria) -- The American captain of a packed passenger jet that crashed into an apartment building in Nigeria's largest city called the control tower to report engine failure just minutes before the plane went down Sunday, killing all 153 people on board, according to Nigerian aviation officials.

"The important progress we made in the investigation today was the discovery of the two black boxes in the wreckage, including the cockpit voice recorder," said Kunji Okecunbi, spokesman for the West African country's Accident Investigations Bureau.

The MD-83 plane of Dana Air crashed into a building in a densely populated neighborhood in Lagos, Nigeria, near Lagos' Murtala Muhammaed International Airport on Sunday.

Okecunbi spoke to ABC News on his cellphone from the still-smoldering scene of the wreckage site, where he said he had to cover his nose at times to block the smoke blowing in his direction. Thousands of people were reportedly drawn to the crash, many to help any survivors out of the smoke and burning debris.

The Dana Air plane was reportedly flying from Abuja, the nation's capital, to Lagos when the accident occurred.

On the first of three official days of mourning in Nigeria, rescue workers used cadaver dogs and cranes to recover bodies. Officials do not yet know how many people were killed on the ground when the plane careened through a church, a textbook printing warehouse, and a two-story apartment complex. Local media report at least 10 casualties on the ground, which would bring the death toll to at least 163.

For a second day, large crowds gathered around the crash site. At one point police used tear gas to keep the crowd from interfering with rescuers' work. Many of the onlookers were people hoping to locate missing relatives.

Secretary Clinton issued a statement Monday expressing “deep condolences to those who lost family and loved ones."

State Department Spokesperson confirmed there were several Americans on the flight, but said the Embassy and Consulate in Nigeria are still notifying next of kin. There has been no confirmation yet of how many Americans were killed in the flight.

The cause of Sunday's crash is still unknown. At the time the aircraft went down, the weather was overcast but there were no storms. Authorities are investigating.

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Passenger Plane Crashes into Building in Lagos, Nigeria

EMMANUEL AREWA/AFP/GettyImages(LAGOS, Nigeria) -- A passenger plane crashed into a building in a densely populated neighborhood in Lagos, Nigeria, likely killing all 153 people on board.

The Boeing MD-83 of Dana Air came down near Lagos' Murtala Muhammed International Airport on Sunday.  Pilots had radioed to air traffic control reporting engine trouble, a military official said.

Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority and the Nigeria Emergency Management Agency said that they are unsure of the number of people that were injured or killed.  It is feared that all 153 people on board the aircraft died.

"The fear is that since it happened in a residential area, there may have been many people killed," said Yushau Shuaib, a spokesman for Nigeria's National Emergency Management Agency.

The Dana Air plane was reportedly flying from Abuja, the nation's capital, to Lagos when the accident occurred.  The head of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority said he doubted there would be any survivors in the crash.

Thousands of people were reportedly drawn to the crash, many to help any survivors out of the smoke and burning debris.

At the time the aircraft went down, the weather was overcast but there were no storms.  Authorities are investigating.

The crash was the worst in Nigeria in over two decades.

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15 Dead, Six Alive After Plane Crash in Nepal

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(KATHMANDU, Nepal) -- Fifteen people were killed on Monday when a plane flying to a sacred temple in Nepal crashed in the northern part of the country.

Six others aboard the Agni Air plane survived and are being treated at a nearby hospital.

According to officials, the plane hit a hillside as it attempted to land at Jomsom airport.

"It hit a muddy slope and the plane is now buried in the side of the hill," police spokesman Binod Singh told AFP.

Of the 15 dead, 13 were Indian passengers and two were Nepali pilots, officials said.  An air stewardess, two Danish passengers and three Indian passengers, two of whom are children, survived the crash, reports the BBC.

The plane was said to be flying from Pokhara to Jomsom to leave its passengers close to Muktinath Temple, a pilgrimage site for Hindus and Buddhists.

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