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Was Israel Behind a Deadly Airstrike in the Sudan?

Antenna Audio, Inc./Getty Images(JERUSALEM) -- The Sudanese government is accusing Israel of killing two men in an airstrike in the city of Port Sudan Tuesday. Israeli leaders are making no official remarks, but a top military source says Israel was involved in the attack and hinted it may have also been behind a similar attack on a weapons convoy in Sudan back in 2009.
A senior Israeli military official has confirmed to Time magazine that Israel did carry out Tuesday's deadly air strike on a car in Port Sudan. The unnamed source gave no other details, but many there believe Israeli fighter jets were sent over 1,000 miles away to strike Islamic militants involved in smuggling Iranian weapons through Sudan to the Gaza Strip. That is being backed up by various Arab media outlets which are reporting that a senior Hamas militant in charge of weapons smuggling was killed in the attack.

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