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Kate Middleton Look-Alike Recreates Pregnancy 'to Be Authentic'

Samir Hussein/WireImage(LONDON) -- Heidi Agan makes her living as a Kate Middleton impersonator, so as Middleton’s belly grows during pregnancy, so must Agan’s.

Agan, of Northamptonshire, England, reportedly bought a number of belly prosthetics to recreate the look of a pregnant Duchess of Cambridge.

Explaining her decision, she said: “As Kate grows I will, too — to be authentic I thought it was important.”

Agan, 32, has two children. She made headlines last year when she quit her waitressing job to be a full-time Middleton impersonator, commanding more than $1,000 per appearance.

In her efforts to be as authentic as she can, Agan has appeared in clothing Middleton has popularized, including the blue Issa dress Middleton wore when she and Prince William announced their engagement in 2010 and a replica of the Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen dress Middleton wore on her wedding day in April 2011.

Middleton, 31, is married to Britain’s Prince William. She is carrying their first child.

Their baby, whose gender has not been revealed to the public, is due to be born in July.

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Is Syrian President's Wife Pregnant?

MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images(BEIRUT) -- Amid all the instability in Syria comes word that President Bashar al-Assad's wife is pregnant.

If the report in the Beirut-based al-Akhbar newspaper is true, it would be the fourth child for the president and Asma al-Assad, 37.

Word of the pregnancy was apparently confirmed by Bashar himself during an interview and based on previous rumors that have floated around for the past few months.  His wife is due to give birth in March.

The pregnancy is welcome news to the family and its supporters although it will likely have no bearing on the future conduct of the two-year civil war that has left more than 60,000 people dead.

Bashar has vowed to remain in power despite international pressure to step down while opposition forces remain equally determined to overthrow the president's 12-year regime.

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Kate Middleton Undergoing Hypnotherapy to Lessen Pregnancy Woes

LEON NEAL/AFP/GettyImages(LONDON) -- Kate Middleton is reportedly undergoing hypnotherapy to help her regain her appetite as she continues to battle a very severe form of morning sickness.

The website reports news of this unusual procedure to help the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge comes from family friend Jessica Hay, who was interviewed by Australia's New Idea magazine.

Shortly after it was revealed that Middleton was pregnant, she was hospitalized for hyperemesis gravidarum, which results in acute vomiting.

According to Hay, the duchess "has that feeling you have when you've had food poisoning and your stomach's shrunk... [She's using hypnotherapy] in a bid to help with her appetite."

The hypnotherapy is used to remove negative thoughts about food and appears to be working, Hay said, as Middleton can now snack on avocados, broccoli, oatmeal and smoothies without getting sick.

The first baby for Middleton and Prince William is due sometime in July, according to Buckingham Palace.

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Kate Middleton, Prince William Expecting Baby in July

Danny Martindale/WireImage(LONDON) -- Prince William and Kate Middleton will be welcoming their first baby this summer, Prince Charles' official London residence announced on Monday.

In a statement, Clarence House said, "Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to confirm they are expecting a baby in July."

The statement continued, "The Duchess's condition continues to improve since her stay in hospital last month."

Middleton spent four days at London's King Edward VII Hospital in December to be treated for hyperemesis gravidarum, or acute morning sickness.  St. James' Palace announced her pregnancy on Dec. 3, the same day she was hospitalized.

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Kate Middleton Discharged from London Hospital

Danny Martindale/WireImage(LONDON) -- Kate Middleton left King Edward VII Hospital in London Thursday morning after being admitted four days ago following the palace's announcement that she is pregnant and being treated for hyperemesis gravidarum.

"The Duchess of Cambridge has been discharged from the King Edward VII Hospital and will now head to Kensington Palace for a period of rest," Nick Loughran, the Assistant Press Secretary to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, said in a statement.  "Their Royal Highnesses would like to thank the staff at the hospital for the care and treatment The Duchess has received."

Middleton, who is less than 12 weeks pregnant, was seen leaving the hospital with Prince William at 11 a.m. GT Thursday.  A smiling Middleton was holding yellow flowers and waved to the crowd as she departed from the hospital in a black car.

The Duke and Duchess were spending time with her parents in Bucklebury when she became ill with the symptoms of hyperemesis gravidarum, or acute nausea.

Prince William sprung into action and drove his wife along with their personal security team 50 miles in their Range Rover to the hospital, where Kate was placed on an IV drip.

The royal family was only notified of Kate's pregnancy mere hours before the rest of the world.

A palace source told ABC News that the royal couple decided to go public with the pregnancy because Middleton had to be hospitalized Monday afternoon.

Hyperemesis gravidarum, or acute nausea, is usually diagnosed about nine weeks into a pregnancy, and in most cases resolves itself by 16 or 20 weeks, according to Dr. Ashley Roman, a professor and obstetrician-gynecologist at New York University Langone Medical Center.  In rare cases, it can last the whole pregnancy.

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Kate Middleton to Remain in the Hospital 'Several Days' More

John Stillwell - WPA Pool/Getty Images(LONDON) -- Kate Middleton is spending her second day at King Edward VII Hospital in London after she was admitted on Monday following the announcement of her pregnancy.  And she may have to stay there at least several more days.

The Clarence House confirmed to ABC News that Kate will be in the hospital for "several days," and will then require a "period of rest" battling severe morning sickness.

Prince William has been the only member of the royal family seen visiting Kate in the hospital.  William departed the hospital Monday night around 8 p.m. before arriving again Tuesday morning to be at his wife's bedside.

A palace source told ABC News that the royal couple decided to go public with the pregnancy because Kate had to be hospitalized.

"Well they didn't want to let it out because she's still probably about the 10-week mark but they knew that once Kate was seen going into the hospital… that it was going to be out of their hands and then the media would have control of the announcement," Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine, told ABC's Good Morning America.

William and Kate were spending time with her parents in Bucklebury when she became ill with the symptoms of hyperemesis gravidarum, or acute nausea.

Prince William sprung into action and drove his wife along with their personal security team 50 miles in their Range River to the hospital where Kate was placed on an IV drip.

The royal family was only notified of Kate's pregnancy mere hours before the rest of the world.

"They quickly told the queen, Prince Charles, Prince Harry and then they made the announcement at 4 o'clock yesterday," Seward told GMA on Tuesday.

The announcement follows relentless public and media speculation about when Prince William and his wife would have an heir.  The guessing game began almost immediately after the couple said, "I do" in April 2011.

It's customary for the royal couple to have a child within the first year of marriage.  Princess Diana gave birth to William just 11 months after her wedding, and the queen gave birth to Prince Charles six days before her first wedding anniversary.

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Princess Diana Set Royal Motherhood Example for Kate Middleton

Tim Graham/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- The world is abuzz with the news that Kate Middleton is expecting her first child.

The news has delighted royal watchers, who have been speculating feverishly about a royal pregnancy since Middleton married Britain’s Prince William on April 29, 2011.

If the 30-year-old Middleton has any doubts about how to embrace motherhood in the coming months, she can follow the example set by Princess Diana, William’s late mother.

Royal watchers say Diana set the gold standard for mothering a future monarch.

“Diana lavished her boys with affection and she was truly a loving parent, which in many ways broke the mold for traditional royal parenting,” Kate Coyne of People magazine told ABC's Good Morning America.

Diana was just 20 years old when she announced she was pregnant with William, her first child.  The announcement came in November 1981, just three months after Diana wed Prince Charles in a wedding watched by an estimated 750 million people around the world.

Their older son’s wedding eclipsed that.  It was seen by a worldwide television audience of about two billion people.

Diana was thrilled to give birth to a royal child, but she wanted to do it in a modern way.

William was the first royal baby to be born in a hospital.  Diana reportedly was in labor for 16 hours before she gave birth to him at St. Mary’s Hospital.  She followed a natural childbirth plan, which included sucking ice, and Charles was by her side during her delivery.

From the very beginning, Diana insisted on keeping her infant son by her side.

“Prince William was the first royal baby brought along on a royal trip,” Coyne said, adding that Diana “insisted that she bring him.  She would not leave him behind and one of the reasons was that she was breastfeeding -- also unheard of in the royal family up until that time.”

Two years later, when she gave birth to Harry, Diana’s hands-on mothering style didn’t change.  She regularly played educational games with her young sons in their nursery, and was actively involved in dropping them off and picking them up from school in London.

Diana also opposed the tradition of sending off her sons to boarding school.

“In the royal family, children as young as 6 and 7 were sent away to boarding school, but that was not OK with Diana,” Coyne said

Diana would go on to take her sons to such kid-favorite haunts as McDonald’s in later years, notably insisting that William wait his turn in line to order.  She also took her boys to amusement parks, famously going on rides with them.

Her goal?  To give her children as normal a childhood as possible.

Years later, the princes would call Diana the best mother in the world.

Kate has some big maternal shoes to fill, but royal watchers predict she is up to the job.

“I think William and Kate’s parenting styles might be similar to what Diana did,” royal watcher Victoria Arbiter said.  “And I think William and Kate are really going to follow that model and do everything they can to ensure as normal a childhood as possible, while at the same time behind the scenes educating their child for their future role.”

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Prince William, Kate Spark Pregnancy Rumors

Niall Carson - WPA Pool/Getty Images(SINGAPORE) -- Kate Middleton’s wardrobe -- estimated to be one tiara and 30 outfits strong -- during her tour through Asia with Prince William was expected to grab headlines.

Now, it’s what her wardrobe could be hiding -- a growing belly bump -- that is making all the news.  

The 30-year-old Duchess, the subject of pregnancy rumors since the day she and Prince William wed last April, is sparking rumors once again that she may be carrying a royal heir after choosing water over wine at an official state dinner with Singapore’s president and prime minister.

While William, also 30, and others raised glasses of wine to toast the country’s Queen, Kate, dressed fashionably in a gown by Singapore-born designer Prabal Garang, twice politely declined and chose water instead, sparking a flurry of speculation.

Pregnancy rumors emerged in April, as the couple celebrated their one-year anniversary, and last November, when the couple were reportedly preparing a nursery and after cameras caught Kate politely declining to sample a bite of peanut paste as she and Prince William visited a United Nations aid depot in Copenhagen.

“Things like this, people do look at them and wonder if they are signs,” Victoria Murphy, royal correspondent for UK’s The Mirror told ABC News.  “People are whispering and going on, 'Is she pregnant?  Is she pregnant?'”

The rumors on this trip were further fueled by Prince William himself when he, for the first time, put a specific number on the size of the royal family he’d like to have, telling a fan he wants to have two children with Kate.

In May, the prince, a helicopter rescue pilot with the Royal Air Force, told ABC News’ Katie Couric he and Kate were eager to have children.

“I’m just very keen to have a family and both Catherine and I, you know, are looking forward to having a family in the future,” the Duke of Cambridge said.  

The revelation came on Wednesday, the couple’s second day in Singapore on a tour of the Far East and South Pacific as part of the worldwide celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee.

In addition to the state dinner, William and Kate toured a Rolls Royce jet engine factory and unveiled the first engine produced by the plant, which opened earlier this year.  The day before, they visited the nation’s Botanic Gardens where they viewed an orchid named after themselves and one named after William’s late mother, Princess Diana, that she never got to see for herself before she died.

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Is Kate Middleton Pregnant? More Signs Emerge

Chris Jackson/Getty Images(LONDON) -- The Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors continue to flourish.

First, Prince William's wife would not eat peanut paste, a food that expectant mothers are commonly told to stay away from.  Now, the 29-year-old royal was photographed holding and rubbing her stomach.

Kate was visiting a UNICEF distribution center in Copenhagen, Denmark, last week, when a photo was taken showing her rubbing her midsection.

A witness at the UNICEF event told the UK's Daily Mail, "It was very odd.  Kate would not stop touching her tummy -- it was very noticeable.  She continually patted it and held her hands against it.  She must have been doing it without realizing, and at one point she had both her hands cradling her stomach."

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Japanese Politician Sparks Maternity Debate After Giving Birth at 50

Photo Courtesy - Koichi Kamoshida /Getty Images(TOKYO) -- A 50 year-old Japanese lawmaker gave birth Thursday to a baby boy conceived through in vitro fertilization, igniting a fierce debate in a country with conservative views on maternity issues.

A veteran member of parliament for the opposition Liberal Democratic Party, Seiko Noda sought an American egg donor after years of unsuccessful fertility treatments and several miscarriages.  In vitro fertilization is virtually banned in Japan and it is not covered by any Japanese laws.

"I thought about adopting a child, but I hit a wall," Noda said in a recent interview with Vogue Japan.  "I was told that considering the future of the child, it wasn't possible to do that for a woman who is almost 50, like me.  An egg donor was the last resort."

The lawmaker once hailed as Japan's most likely first female prime minister has been very public about her struggles.  In 2004, she detailed her unsuccessful treatments in a book titled Watashi Wa Umitai or I Want To Give Birth.

Noda's plight has shed light on the lack of options available for Japanese women seeking egg donors and surrogate mothers.

The Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology, an official doctors organization forbids the use of surrogate mothers.  Japanese law requires the mother carry the baby during pregnancy.

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