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Qantas Engine Failure: Missing Turbine Part Could Hold Clue

Photo Courtesy - Australian Transport Safety Bureau(SYDNEY) -- Qantas Airways and Australian aviation officials are reaching out to those on the Indonesian island of Batam for help in finding part of an exploded engine from an Airbus A380. The engine failure on Thursday sent the jet - which was traveling to Sydney, Australia - back to Singapore for an emergency landing.  466 people were on board.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau is leading the investigation into the engine explosion and says it is looking for part of a turbine that could provide clues as to what caused the problem.  In a statement, the bureau said "The recovery of that disk could be crucial to a full understanding of the nature of the engine failure, and may have implications for the prevention of future similar occurrences."

Quantas hopes to return its fleet of A380's, the world's largest passenger jet, to flight soon.

Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines also fly the giant jets, equipped with engines made by Rolls Royce.  They initially grounded the A380 models, but have returned them to flight following safety checks.

Officials say it is too early to draw any conclusions as to why the engine exploded.

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