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Gunmen Attack Hospital in Pakistan

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(QUETTA, Pakistan) -- Gunmen took control of parts of a hospital in Quetta, in Southwest Pakistan on Saturday.

Pakistan's interior minister said that security forces stormed up to the building and killed four attackers. A fifth attacker was captured and all 35 hostages were freed.

The extremist Sunni militant group Laskar-e-Jhangvi said that it carried out both the hospital attack and an earlier explosion on a bus. At least eleven students were killed in the bus explosion. The hospital where the takeover took place is where the students injured in the bus explosion were being treated.

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NATO Tankers, Coalition Supplies Torched in Pakistan

Photo Courtesy -, Pakistan) -- Two oil tankers delivering supplies to NATO troops in Afghanistan were attacked and set on fire Sunday in southwestern Pakistan.

Officials in Pakistan say unknown gunmen on motorcycles approached and burned the trucks, which were traveling near the area of Mangocher, about 250 miles east of Quetta.

The attackers instructed drivers and passengers to abandon the tankers before they were torched. Such NATO vehicles are often targets for insurgents looking to disrupt supply lines to coalition forces in Afghanistan.

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Pakistan Rejects US Bid to Expand Drone Zone

Photo Courtesy - U.S. Air Force(ISLAMABAD, Pakistan) -- Pakistan on Saturday rejected a U.S. push to fire missiles from unmanned aircraft into more areas of the country.

Pakistan has long officially rejected the drone program because it is unpopular with many of its people, who say it threatens Pakistan's sovereignty.  But the government and its intelligence service have also secretly assisted the U.S. efforts.

The Obama administration had wanted to increase the areas in which it has been quietly allowed to use the drones, reportedly to include the city of Quetta.  It is a more populated region and is also considered a stronghold of the Taliban. The Pakistani government rejected the push to expand use of the drones outside the tacitly-allowed less-populated tribal areas and said it wants the U.S. to stop using the drones in Pakistan altogether.

The U.S. has recently increased the number of drone strikes in Pakistan and neighboring Afghanistan.  The unmanned aircraft and the weapons they deliver are among the most effective tools the U.S. has in targeting insurgents in the mountainous regions of the two countries.

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