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Raffaele Sollecito's Dad Denies Reports of Daily Contact Between Son and Knox

Kevin Casey/AFP/Getty Images(SEATTLE) -- Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito are not planning to marry and start a family. Nor are they in daily contact by phone and letters. There is no pre-Christmas visit in the works. And Knox is also not being sued for $12 million.

"I can assure you that it's absolute nonsense," said Lyle Kercher, the brother of Knox's roommate Meredith Kercher, referring to British tabloid reports that he and his family intended to sue Knox.

Knox and Sollecito have been the subject of many news stories since their murder convictions were vacated by an Italian appeals court earlier this month.

Both families have adopted low profiles while Knox, 24, and Sollecito, 27, try to adapt to normal life after four years in an Italian prison.

Knox remains home with her family in Seattle, where paparazzi still follow her daily despite the family's pleas for privacy. Sollecito also had reporters camped outside his home for days after the acquittal.
That hasn't stopped a barrage of stories that the family has felt compelled to deny.

The latest came this week when the Italian magazine, OGGI, reported an interview they claimed was with Sollecito, even quoting him directly saying, "We talk on the phone or write to each other every day. We have so many things to say to each other having passed four years in a circle of hell that crushed us."

Those quotes were picked up widely by British and American tabloid newspapers as an indication that their brief fling before Kercher's murder had the potential to be rekindled.

But it was all a lie, according to Raffaele's father. Francesco Sollecito spoke to ABC News from his home in Bari, Italy, where his son is now living.

"Raffaele has not spoken to any reporters since being released, and he will not anytime soon," Sollecito's father said.

Francesco Sollecito said that he spoke to OGGI magazine, but only about details of the case and not about Amanda Knox and his son speaking to each other daily.

"I did not talk about any communications between Amanda and my son. I have no idea if they speak every day. I don't talk to Raffaele about those details, but he has a computer in his room so maybe they do communicate. But I do not know the extent of it," he said.

And the claims that his son is visiting Knox in Seattle before Christmas are not true either, Francesco Sollecito said.

"That is old information from when they were released and the Knox family extended the invite. We will go as a family to see the Knoxes at some point, but we have not set a date yet and are not planning to go before Christmas," the father said.

Earlier in the legal case while Knox was still in prison, OGGI reported an interview they claimed to have conducted with Knox. Her mother, Edda Mellas, says the reporter asked her about her daughter, but the magazine never spoke directly with Knox.

In response to the allegations of inaccurate reporting, OGGI told ABC News that their reporter did speak "directly and briefly" to Raffaele Sollecito "in a restaurant in Bisceglie, Italy." They also insist Mellas asked Amanda Knox questions on their behalf, which she relayed to them "word for word."

A verbatim account would have been difficult since Knox's family was not to have anything, including paper and pencil, in a prison visitation room.

For the families of Knox and Sollecito, contending with news reports is nothing new.

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Amanda Knox Is Apprehensive, Can't Sleep as Murder Appeal Approaches

Photo Courtesy - Oli Scarff/Getty Images(PERUGIA, Italy)-- Amanda Knox marked a grim milestone Friday, the third full year of living in a prison cell.

It was on Nov. 5, 2007 that the Seattle college student was arrested by Italian police and charged with murdering her roommate, Meredith Kercher. Denied bail, Knox, 23, has not left prison since except to attend the murder trial that ended with her conviction and 26-year prison sentence.

During those three years, Amanda Knox has become a household name, with several books, a Lifetime movie and potentially even a Hollywood film depicting her life.

Knox's real life, however, is spent sitting quietly in a 129-square-foot prison cell in the outskirts of Perugia, Italy.

"Amanda says prison is like not living because nothing changes. She says everything is the same incessantly," her stepfather Chris Mellas told ABC News.

Lately, Knox's cloistered world has been agitated. Her family says that Knox has had trouble sleeping as the Nov. 24 date approaches for the appeal of her murder conviction. She is apprehensive, but hopeful, they said.

Earlier this week, the third anniversary of Kercher's death was also noted. Several candles were left in front of the Perugia house that Kercher and Knox shared and where Kercher died, her throat gashed open amid signs of a sexual assault.

Knox, her former Italian boyfriend Raffaele Solecito and Ivory Coast drifter Rudy Guede were convicted of killing Kercher in what the prosecution claimed was a drug-fueled rage against Knox's roommate.

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