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McCain Reiterates Call For No-Fly Zone in Libya

ABC News(WASHINGTON) -- Sen. John McCain, the top Republican on the Armed Services Committee, reiterated on Friday his call for the Obama administration to implement a no-fly zone in Libya to prevent Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi from killing his own countrymen.

“If you want Gadhafi to go, then one of the steps among many would be to establish a no-fly zone to prevent him from massacring his own people from the air,” McCain said after emerging from a closed briefing for senators on the situation in Libya.

“There is the possibility in Libya of a stalemate where Gadhafi controls Tripoli and its environment and the eastern part of the country is controlled by the revolutionaries. That obviously would give Gadhafi an opportunity to kill his own people which he has announced that he’s more than ready to do,” he added.

“One of the most important options is a no-fly zone where it’s pretty clear that there are not a lot of aircraft that Gadhafi has flying, his air defense systems are certainly old and it’s not a major challenge at least in my assessment of being able to impose a no-fly zone.”

McCain has urged the administration repeatedly in the past week to establish a no-fly zone to prevent Gadhafi from killing his own people. On Thursday the Arizona senator noted at an event at the Brookings Institution in Washington that “we all admit that he’s insane.”

The Pentagon pushed back this week against the idea of a no-fly zone because it would be difficult to set up, require military action within Libya, and new authorization from the international community.

President Obama, on Thursday, also cautioned that direct military action by the U.S. could be counterproductive in creating democracy in Libya.

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