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Nuclear Plant Scare: Explosives Found in Sweden

(NEW YORK) -- Swedish officials have raised security levels at the country's nuclear power plants after a small amount of explosives, without its detonator, was discovered at one of the plants during a routine security check, local authorities said.

The explosive material, believed to be civilian-type explosives used in demolition or excavation, was about the size of a tennis ball and was found in a truck at Sweden's Ringhals nuclear power plant. The truck had been on its way from an industrial park into a secure area, but had never made it inside the facility, according to the Ringhals spokesman Gosta Larsen. Since the explosives lacked the detonator, there was no imminent danger, authorities said.

A sample has been sent to a Swedish lab for analysis. Police are investigating whether it could be a case of sabotage but so far have no suspects, said police spokesman Tommy Nyman.

"An outsider has obviously placed them on the truck," Nyman said. "We're talking to the truck driver and are trying to map out her movements within the [Ringhals] premises throughout the day."

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